Saturday, May 14, 2011

Travel Time & Mood Swings….

At times, within a very short time, your mood changes either by seeing something, meeting someone, reading or hearing something or even by eating something. That’s almost the same that did happen with me just now too when I read couple of things at the same time out of which, few raised my eyebrows and few brought a smile on my face. Needless to mention that the mood did change a lot and in a complete contrast when I read both the kind of things. First, let me tell that part which did bring a smile on my face. It’s an email that I have received from a delegate who attended one of my sessions some time back. Somehow, he remembered me as “Amit” and was using this name to send the email. Obviously, that couldn’t reach to me because this is Aman and not Amit LOL. Well, better late than never, so finally, he somehow saw on the certificate of his that the name of the instructor was Aman so he sent immediately the below email which just made my day. I have edited names from the email but the entire content is unchanged and is exactly same what he wrote to me. Have a read,

Kiddan sir…

I am working with XXX and I attended your Oracle 11g training (XX-XX XXXX XXXXX).

I must say that I this training has motivated me to work on SQL tuning more now. To be honest, I hadn't worked on Oracle for the last 4 years but prior to that I worked extensively on tuning SQL's and to a large extent I was able to do so. I had tuned many applications for XXXXX and XXXX. But your training was a class apart, the content that your covered and the examples were really the way I want to understand things.

I wanted to THANK YOU for the training and now I want to become one of the few INDIANS that you said are into Performance tuning.

That “kiddan sir” is actually pure Punjabi speak and it means, “how are you sir”. I don’t think that I need to mention anything that why this email brought a big smile on my face and whether I did reply to it or not. I can’t say anything else except this that I felt really honored to hear such kind words given the fact that I know nothing about Oracle database. All I can say is thanks for so kind words and respect which I don’t even know that I actually deserve or not too.

Now, the note which raised my eyebrows and turned my cheeks burning red was a comment that I got over this post that I wrote some time back. I don’t get upset easily but reading that just pressed the “don’t touch me, danger” button of mine. Ironically, over the same post, a person who asks from me lots of her Oracle related doubts, said some very kind lines as well. Again, a complete contrast between the replies of mine you can see over there.

Okay, keeping mood aside, it’s time for me to be on the road from tomorrow. I was at home for almost 15 days for my sister’s wedding which went well(thank god for it). So its time now for me to get back to work and do it more harder than before as well. I shall be honest that I am a little sad seeing some things like, this time, I packed my bag myself which my sister  always did for me. Second, my mom and dad would be completely alone now and no one would be there at home taking care of them and doing any naughty things to cheer them up as well. Yes, there is television, phone but that’s not enough. I wish I could do something about it but I guess, I just have to tackle this situation the way it is  for right now and in the future as well in a hope that all remains fine while I am not there at home, especially with my mom’s health. About the sessions, they are going to be tough ones, really tough ones and I am just hoping and praying that all remains fine for them as well. It’s time to be on the bed because its going to be a long and tiring day tomorrow. Pray for me guys and wish me luck because I need both of the things desperately.


Anonymous Neeraj Bhatia said...

Honest post, these are the words in my mind after reading you post. All the best and have a happy and safe journey.

May 16, 2011 12:41 PM  

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