Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tiring Days....

Yes they really are. Since yesterday I am feeling more than normal fatigue. I am not really sure why.Okay I am not having proper diets due to the issues happening but still,I didnt feel that before,altleast not for consecutive days.

The days are not just tiring but also tough. Yesterday some guys in the session didn't have some required files which they needed for their work. So I had to ask the concerned person to send them to me. Well he did via network immediately but the thing was that I had to now distribute them to the people and there came the issue. As Oracle is not so happy to see DHCP in action, we disabled their network adaptors. It gave us two benefits, one we could work without having any hassles. Second,we could be rest and assured and the guys wont spend time in doing emailing and chatting. But the need struck and we did have to enable DHCP. We did and one by one systems started breaking. It took a lot of time to rectify everything. Starting from Oracle's way of saying that host is not found to listener crubbing with "illegal seek", we saw it all yesterday. Good thing was that we did rectify everything in time and we were back in the business. But in overall, it was a tiring process.

It didnt happen today that suddenly all the systems were down but some how , I was feeling so much tired. I just couldn't stand even. I am not really sure why though. Well I guess I should go to bed and sleep but the problem is ( yes here also is a problem) that the sleep doesn't seem to like to come to me ;-). So time to listen to some music and than may be time for sleeping too will come! Let's see.


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