Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back From A Tiring Trip & Going Again....

Yup I got back today morning. It was a long long trip,not because the number of days were very long but because I was really so tired in the last 2 days and was so bored in all the days. There was some fun practising for Oracle 11g but yeah that's all. There was no internet and that put the last nail in the coffin of my boredom :-).

As usual I started from my home early in the morning. Though my flight was quite late in the night but still I prefer to start early in order to avoid any sudden mishaps over the way. The journey in the bus was not anything different. It was okay. The only thing which happened was that I was at the airport almost 5 hours before my flight and now I had to sit and wait for the check-in to be started. Great! As I was sitting and waiting , I saw Ishant Sharma and Suresh Raina coming out from the executive waiting lounge. Ok now seriously, if they are not of our Indian cricket team, I really would not even give them a second look too. Well no fuss over the airport seeing them, no one cheered up, jumping around , I didn't see any gal getting fainted so I guess others may have the same opinion like me ;-).

Finally I got my check-in done and without pilot sleeping over the flight or running out of the fuel , we were at the Bangaluru airport,the new one! The first look of the airport was okay. Its certainly big than the last one and lot more cleaner too. But we were in the departure area and there was nothing there so I couldn't make it out that how good or really bad it is. So I just took a cab and left for my guest house.

The program was exciting as like always. The guys were very friendly and intelligent. Its one of the most tiring programs which are available but still we were able to finish all the discussions and lab sessions right in time which I believe is a great thing. I am not sure why but I really felt so much tired in the last two days by evening. It used to feel like I just sit and speak rather than standing up and running around in the whole room which I do always. But still I did what I do always :-). Everyone had a smile on their face and I guess that's a good sign. Everything went well except for one shocking comment which I received at the end of the last day's session. One guy from the class came and shook my hand. He said all the good things and one bouncer he threw that my smile is very nice! Huh? Ok thanks I appreciate you liked it  but a guy saying to a guy that your smile is very nice,hmm okay lets not spend too much mind over it. I am not really sure that whether my smile really is that much big killer that it can even make a guy appreciate it but he actually did and that was a nice but surprising comment. Another shocking thing happened when I was about to leave. A lady from the class asked me what do I do to learn Oracle and why am I doing this stuff? Well something no one ever asked me before to be frank. I told her that I just love this massive technology and interacting with people, making them understand some thing is a great feeling and satisfaction. That's the only reaon I can think of and tell you. On that she told me that when we started and she got to know my name , even before that she knew me! Okay one more bouncer! Certainly I asked how and for which she told me that she had read a post of mine over Oracle Forums where I had a small argument with a person who posted a reply that he can update oracle's data dictionaries. She told me that she had read that thread long back and assumed to be a very aggressive person but I didn't come out like that. It was again a nice surprise. I just mentioned to her that I am aggressive when things go over-board otherwise I am chilled! Well all went well , everyone was smiling and that's what I really want to happen all the time in my programs.

While coming back, I had to come over the same new airport. Well its not a new airport but a modified bus-stand if I would call it wont be inappropriate. There was so much of chaos, rush even though it was a new airport . Only good thing was that I was sitting with another fellow passenger, Kaustubh Singh, a very talented guy from Wipro Technologies. We were just talking and we shared a common view over the current IT market and the guys/gals who are into this industry. Most of them are not here because they love the technology or they love the product in which they are working but because they want to make good money, get a good guy/gal and settle down. For them working in IT is just like any other job and the technology really doesn't excite them. I totally believe on it. I am doing what I am doing not because that's the last thing left for me to do or that's the only thing I can do but because I love this beast called oracle database. I love the challenges it presents to me and I love cracking my head trying to understand the puzzles of it. For me( and the same Kaustubh also said), its not the company that matters, its the kind of work that I am doing there, the kind of recognition that I may get doing some thing good for my company , these all matters a lot more than anything else. One must not be an absorber only, he/she must be a contributor too. Its not a good thing to be a help seeker all the time. Some time one must be help provider too to others. But we really can't do anything as this is happening all the time and everywhere that people look for just their own benefits, be it professional or personal matters. So its just that we try to be what we are and don't let external things change us. On that note, we separated and took our seats in the plane!

So finally I am at home at the moment but I shall be leaving again tomorrow. I have got couple of programs in the pipeline so lets see how things go away. I am just so much tired at the moment but I have got some work to finish. So will listen to some music and finish it. See you guys later, till then adios!


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