Saturday, July 12, 2008

Broswer Wars, Opera vs Firefox....

Since internet has become more like a need rather than a plaything, browsers have also started getting to become more and more smarter. I still remember the days when there were news of Microsoft's Internet Explorer with Netscape, all the law suits everything. But times have changed now. Now there are lots of options available to us even if we are using Mickysoft ;-).

At the moment, Mozilla's Firefox and Opera 9.5 are the two browsers which are looking right into the eyes of IE7. Surely Apple's Safari is there too but I really don't see it as a major competitor to mentioned 3, at least not where I am i.e. India. Though I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and Apple's Mac operating system( yet to buy my own mac book) but still I really don't see Safari penetrating too deep into the browser market. I may be wrong but that's what my feeling is. So I am sure you may have got the idea that my rambling will be limited to first two only :).

Opera 9.5

Well I am using opera browser from a long time. Its been almost 3 years now. And I can say that it never disappointed me for anything. The only thing that I hate is that still many websites around the world are made only looking at the IE or Firefox so they present their 'not-so-happy' message when they are run in Opera. The latest offering , Opera 9.5 is indeed a a major change from the company in the browser's look-feel, performance and stability. I was impressed( and shocked) to see the new color scheme of it.  Opera claims to be the fastest browser on the planet( Safari says the same). I am not sure that it really is or not but yes I find it faster than IE and Firefox both.  There is no need to download any add-ons for it, everything is already there. It doesn't make my old pc which I use for browsing cry when it starts or is running. I must say that I push it sometimes way beyond the limits with the number of tabs I open but I never got any ooh-aah-ouch from it. For all these things, Opera remains my favorite browser.

Firefox 3

Ok so fox has been released for 3rd version. What's changed from 2 to 3, I don't know and to be really blunt and frank, I simply don't care. I always had two problems with Firefox. One that to make it mine, I need to search , download tens or hundreds of add-ons. Ok no issues to some extent in this too, but what about add-on X is supported in version N and not in N2 and add-on Y is yet to be released over N3. I am sure some of you might not be agreed to my viewpoint but hey it's my blog and these are my feelings :-).

My second and the biggest problem with Firefox is that it nearly brings my pc(which is very old) to its knees both when it starts and is running. I don't have any idea why Firefox's foxes,oh sorry folks can't make it a lesser resource hungry? Is it really required that before it starts, it sucks the resource like anything. If your suggestion or comment is that I should upgrade my machine to more powerful hardware, well than I must say that the answer would be a strict no. I certainly wont upgrade my machine just because a browser wants more resources , a need whose understanding is out of my mind. I am sure you don't' want to know whether I use it or not after what you have read just now :-) right! Well I do have it installed but I use it very very rarely. I am sure you do know why up till now!

There was no intention to make this post as a serious product review of both the browsers. There are tons of sites which have done it already. This was just my rant over Firefox's resource hunger and Opera's smooth working. Whatever happens in the browser wars, let it be, in my space, Opera has won it already :-).


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