Friday, July 11, 2008

Heart Touching Lines....

Some times in few lines only, a lot is said. Words have so much power that in an instant, they can make you cry or laugh. I just read these lines and they touched me immediately. They are depicting the state of that person whose beloved has left him alone. In few lines, a lot has been said! These are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while. Have a read:

Asin haar da mukh kade vekheya nai c,
Sanu sajjna da gum maar gaya!
Asin dosh kise nu ki dena,
Jadon sada sajjan sanu mano visar gaya!
Sannu ik dilan da vapari takkar gaya!
Oh khushian lai gaya apni jholi,
Te saade utton gamman nu vaar gaya!
Asin chah k v na nikkal sake,
Aise ishq de anne khuhe utar gaya!
Oh din saanu kade v bhullda nai,
Jis din alvida keh ke saada yaar gaya!
Us yaar nu poojeya rabb waang,
Par oh saanu jiondeyan nu maar gaya!

And their meaning in English is:

I never saw any moment of despair, loss,
Just the pain given by my love has killed me!
Whom I can put blame on,
When my love only has thrown me out from his heart!
I met a dealer of feelings,
He took away all the happiness with him,
And gave me these pains in return!
Despite my best efforts,
I wont be able to come out from this dead valley of love!
I wont ever forget that day,
When my love said goodbye to me and left!
I worshipped love as God,
But he only made me like dead while still being alive!

I have nothing to add to it. Just will say one thing that love is the sweetest feeling on this earth that one can have and yet it can be the worst pain also! What you are going to make it for your love , you will decide. What ever you do, just remember , heart is same in everyone and the feeling of pain is also the same. Love can be the best thing ever happen to one. But if you are willing to give tears to that person, before doing this, keep in mind that you are not just breaking some one's heart but may be you are giving him a wound on his soul which time also wont be able to heal and a question whose answer, he will try to find till eternity that what was so wrong that he did that he ended up having this punishment, was loving some one a crime or trusting on love a mistake?


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