Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just Music & A Thought....

Yes I am just listening from last 2 hours Shail's Hiriye Soniye about which I wrote also here. When you will see the video, you will see that the guy never cares about the gal. Its his wish when he will talk to her, meet her. Even when its his own birthday and the gal waits for him for 3 hours, for him its a wastage. Her love, care, emotions all seem to be a botheration for him. In the last moments of the video, gal is in tears and says few lines to the guy which are some thing like this, "coz I love you so much that's why you do this to me. You see the day when I shall leave you forever and go, you will cry so much and look for me but I wont come back.". I am just listening these lines with the song. How much pain she is feeling at that moment can't be described in words. Don't know why people hurt those only who love them so much? A heart touching song as I said before too and a must watch video too. Even if you wont understand the language, if you have ever loved some one and tasted the pains of love, you will understand this video and the emotions of it too.


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