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Yes I am back today morning. It was a good and some what a bit relaxed tour. Well as like always, what matters to me the most is the program must go well and the audience must be happy and contended.  I guess I got that so yes I am happy!

As like always, I left from my home to catch my flight which was supposed to fly at 8pm from Delhi domestic airport. Without much of the trouble, I got Delhi at about 4pm by bus and in next one hour,means at 5pm I was at airport. Well there wasn't much rush at that time on the airport so I thought that it would be easy for the first time to complete all the check in details and everything. Well to some extent, it was right too. But all the happiness and smile flew away of mine when I came to know at the check in counter that flight is half an hour late and that too is just the estimation.  There is still no clear information that how much more it can be delayed but it will be that is for sure. Great! Well I had no other choice but to wait and watch. So I grabbed a hot lemon tea cup for me with a burger and sat.  I was told that it would be announced at about 6pm that what time flight will fly so I thought it wont be that bad.  Only till there was no announcement even till 8pm, I was happy. Hmm so what can be the time if still there is no announcement at 8pm even? Time to ask the ground staff. And as committed as like always in providing information, they had no idea about it :-). Well they gave me the "golden answer" for sure, it will be announced "very soon". How soon that was yet to be decided. So nothing else to do but to wait and watch again. So once again, one cup of coffee and I was watching news. At about 9pm it was announced that the airline regrets to announce that flight no XXX which was supposed to fly at 8pm will now fly at 11:05pm. WOOHOO! What else I could ask for than 3 hours of wait ( did I tell that I was alone) on the airport? So it was coffee , news , watch and more coffee news and watch. At 11:05pm it was announced that flight is now ready to board. At that time, I saw that there were about 100 students(kids) were also traveling to Jaipur. And they shook the whole airport like anything with their chaos. Well it was good to see all of them so happy and all that anger was a bit mild now. So finally we all boarded in the flight and those kids were shouting, clapping , singing like anything. Well it was a very short flight so we were there at Jaipur at 12.05pm. I took my prepaid cab and started for my guest house. I was supposed to be there at 9.30pm but I was a mere 3 hours late :-).Well better late than never, so there I was.

Program started calmly and the audience was also very calm, cool, energetic and genius. It was a good audience in over all. Mine was the last program and there were already 2 programs which were conducted by two other persons. Mine was a little advanced one so it means it was a little difficult one too. But it still went smooth. There was tremendous support and appraisal from the group. There was one participant who was staying in the same hostel where I was so we used to go for walk after dinner. At that time, we used to discuss lots of issues,both technical and non-technical too. He was really a very nice and intelligent. Though being the director of a state government organization, he was so humble. And the same goes for all of the participants. Despite being on so top posts , they were so humble.

So we finally finished the module and since the program was over , the group led by Mr.Rakesh decided to go to Chokhi Dhani which is one of the highlights of Jaipur. Chokhi means good and dhani stands for small village, so its actually a concept of displaying how a small village and its atmosphere would likely be. Its very well constructed and maintained. I recommend if you are coming to Jaipur, try not to miss visiting here. There is a lot that you can do and see here. From puppet show to magic show, from caves to camel ride everything is here. The participants insisted me to ride a camel. Well I thought that how difficult it can be so I said yes without knowing that it doesn't always mean that simple looking things are always simple only :-). It was a very nice feeling that I had as I did ride on camel for first time. If you don't believe me that there are few snaps here taken by Akul to prove my truth. It was a great adventure. I was told that this is the best place to come with your spouse or with your girl/boy friend. Well I have neither wife nor girl friend but still I enjoyed so much, so don't worry even if you are alone. Only one thing I missed out of all and it that I was fasting on that day so I missed the food but may be next time.

Next day, Rajan and me decided to go and have a look in the market of Jaipur so I accompanied him with Akul or I should better say that Akul came along with both me and Rajan. We spent so much time walking in the famous Bapu Bazar of Jaipur. It is a great place to shop with lots and lots of variety in clothing especially. Again , a must visit place from my side. From there, me and Rajan took a walk in a mall. There was nothing much to do there. So we had our dinner and came back to our rooms.

Next day(yesterday) , it was supposed to be that a senior level state IPS officer was supposed to officially come and end the program but due to official workload,she couldn't. So everyone gave me this responsibility and honor to say the final words and end the program. With a heavy lunch, we all departed.

On the whole, it was a really nice experience and I am happy that I was able to end the program with a good note and smile was there on everyone's face. There are couple of pics that were taken while our visit to Chokhi Dhani and also , there were couple of shots taken by students in the training room also. Yes training room, you heard it right! So if you ever wanted to see how my class and me(if you are interested )its your chance to have a look . Below is the link to the album and I am off to bed for some sleep.Enjoy!

Jaipur Visit pictures of ChokhiDhani and training session.


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