Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back But For Just Today....

Yes I got back late night yesterday and I shall be leaving tomorrow again. This time, it was a mixture of issues that happened, thankfully nothing happened in my program but there were other issues that did arise. Thanks to all of your wishes, my program went well.

It was a very packed module this time as we finished the curriculum of 5 days in 3 days. So you can expect that what would be the pace that I had to pick up and how much the audience was grilled by me ;-)? But that was the need of the time and I couldn't help it. Even we went really fast and packed, I got some very nice comments on the last day of the program about me. For the first time I heard that the audience submitted the feedback forms which are online at our premises on the very first day of the program. According to them, they judge the person on the first day and that impression doesn't change. They did like the program and that's what is the best thing for me.

Now coming on issues. In my class program , I did a seminar for one day. Some how I didn't receive any attendance sheet for that program and for the very reason, I didn't take attendance too. Now that was required. As I didn't receive it so I had no other choice but to skip it. And it became a small issue as the sheet is must. Well I didn't have to explain myself much as I never received it but it did become a concern for my sales team. So my sales person had to go by himself and get it signed. Well it was a real pain but there was no other choice. The good thing that happened was that my sales person was VERY happy when he got back. He told me that he has got a good feedback about me and also the coordinator from the client has sent a long mail about me. Well I am certainly not eligible for this whole nice words about me but yes it felt nice to hear. I really am not sure that what did I say /do that they liked because I don't know anything and I really am saying the truth about it. There is very little I know and for that much knowledge, its a big applause. I really am thankful to the guys for being so nice to me.

Ok now for the bad things, the coming event is going to be the toughest one. Not because, the module is so tough but because that the client is a complete idiot.  I hate those people who first do some thing wrong thinking that they are right. Than when they are told that they are or were wrong, they try to justify their acts by giving logics/reasoning's which suits to no one else but just to them. Rather than being sorry for that, they keep on trying to justify their mistake. I hate this, I really do and this client is the same. When some thing is told to someone 2 weeks back , how the heck he/she can miss that than all of a sudden ask for a complete round about of things and all of this coz now they have messed up everything just being plain lazy on their part? Lets see how things will go?I am really not sure what will happen this time? And on the same evening, I shall have to undergo with a very important call which is very very important for me. I just hope that call session goes fine. Lets see what happens on "the day"! But for now, music time and I am going to listen Heeriye!


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