Thursday, September 20, 2007

True Words....

Some times, in very small words too, someone says a lot and what does he/she says that actually is so true. I got very beautiful poetry in a comment which if some one understands, speaks the truth behind love and the fate of lovers. Thanks Sidhu for posting them! They are written by Waaris Shah who wrote fire in his poetry. These lines are in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning of them in English afterwards. Have a read:

Sir dittian baaj na ishq pakke,

Te eh nai sukhalian yaarian ve!

Ohde jakham na hashar tak hon raazi,

Jinna laggian prem katarian ve!


And its meaning in English is:

Without giving your life, love cant be done,

And love is not at all an easy thing to do!

They suffer till the eternity and their wounds hurt too,

Those all who got slayed by the knife of love!

How true the words are isn't it? Yes those who love, they have to suffer coz love will make them suffer for the rest of their lives but that pain is bearable. The worst fate is of all those who have loved and got hurt by none other but their own love. Those wounds who are given by some one whom we loved more than ourself too, they hurt the most and they keep on hurting till the breaths wont stop and heartbeats wont die. Yes that's what love is all about, an ocean of fire and one has to swim into it to get through it.

Thanks Sidhu once again!


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