Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back At Home....

Yes I got back today morning and I am so much tired. Since morning I wanted to sleep but I couldn't as my friend Raghbir was there at home and we were talking about a lot of things. Anyways that's all together a different story. Somehow, I was able to manage the tour and the assignment well. The response that I got from the people present there, it was very satisfying. Also the same was confirmed to me by the marketing personnel also. On the whole, it was a good ( tiring although) tour. I managed to end it with a smile on everyone's face and that's what is most important.

On a personal note, things at home are not so well. I wont be talking about here about what has happened but I just wish and pray to God that he makes everything fine as soon as possible. Its kills to see your closest person in pain and is much worst when you really have to sit and just watch helplessly.


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