Sunday, September 09, 2007

Clean Sweep....

After a long time, Indian Hockey team has played like what it should have. India has won Asia Cup 2007   and have crushed Korea with an astonishing 7-2 goal defeat. Korea, despite being a very good team and having much high world ranking compared to India, looked a bit lost in the whole match. This was the second defeat of  Korea to India in this cup. Throughout the cup, India maintained an amazing unbeaten spree. It was a beautiful display of technique shown by Indian team with which they have crushed Thailand with an jaw-dropper 16-0 goal defeat. I congratulate Indian Hockey team once again. Its really a day to celebrate but without forgetting that still there is long way to go as its 2008 World Cup coming ahead. Winning fights is good but winning war is some thing which is always counted. But success is a success and for that I give my heartiest wishes to India team!


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