Sunday, September 09, 2007

Encounter With A Lover....

The other time,on my way to Delhi, I was in the bus. I was not going for an assignment of my own but rather to attend a training of RAC. Anyways it was nothing unusual in the travel except I was not wearing my shoes but my Punjabi Juti. In all this excitement that I am going to take up a training, suddenly the bus stopped with jerks. Driver immediately got down and within moments, he informed that some component of bus got broken and as its a major one so bus wont start. Great! Well I was not going to catch any flight that time so I was standing much calm. There was a lot of hue and cry from the fellow passengers that how they will get to Delhi  and all that? Conductor made us stand in groups of five and started stopping the buses which were going to make us get into them. We were 5 guys in our group and we decided to let all the other groups having ladies, kids and couples to go first. Well in the last we also got one bus for us and as  a result of our patience I guess, we all got good seats and also there was music in the bus. I was sharing seat with a young guy( I am young too :-). Its just he was younger than me in age in 5 years) who started from Ambala and was going to Delhi, back to his home. We started with normal talk like where we are going and all that. I asked that guy ( I am sorry I cant recall his name so I shall just call him "guy" only) what made him to come to amabala as it was the first time that he had come to ambala. He told me that he had come all the way from Delhi to Ambala to see his gal who lives there. She didn't have a cell phone with her and there was a lot of problem that they face when they want to talk each other. So he decided that he will buy a phone and will go and give to her. That's why he went from Delhi to her place. He told me that they are seeing each other from last 6 years, since the time he was mere 16 and the gal was 15. In all this period they met for very few, I guess 5 times only if memory serves me correct. He told there were lots of gals who were after him but he picked her only coz of her simplicity and nice nature and he loves truly and madly. When I asked about that whether she loves him with the same passion or not, he said yes she does and they are both willing to get married. He told me that gal's younger sister already knows him and treats him as her sister's husband. He said that he has made her meet with his mom also with an excuse that she is a friend who wanted to visit his home. Well I was smiling all the while listening to him. He asked me that why am I smiling? I replied that nothing like that I am finding it amusing but I am happy for both of them and I wish them both good luck and shall pray that they both get what they want. He said that they may not be having a smooth road ahead but they are determined and promised not to leave each other , doesn't matter what will happen in the future. Well it was nice to hear that I must say.  Its not many I have seen who dare to say that for their loved ones. When we were approaching Delhi, he said that he is very much surprised that for a gal only, he has done all this. When I was asked what does this suppose to mean , he said that he got up at 3am last night, took a bus and got at her city. He stayed in a temple for 2 hours, had only a cup of tea with 2 bread toasts and than met her. It was the first time that he went so far for someone and that too for a gal.  He said to me that he doesn't think that there wont be any guy in this world who would have done the same what he did? I asked what makes him think that way? He said how its possible  that some one would go all the way to see his gal with 4 hours spent in the bus, with no food and sleep at all, sitting and waiting in the temple. I said that there may be some others also. He said he doesn't think so. Guys don't have the guts to do that much for just a gal. I just smiled and replied yes you are right that there are not any who would travel all the way to their gals place just to see her without bothering about themselves. I told him that he must keep this spirit alive all his life as its not a destination that he would get his love but its a journey that they both have to travel along with each other.  He asked me that how about me, don't I have any love in my life? I smiled and replied that I love my work and may be I am not so much suitable to have it either. After that I smiled and pretended that I am sleeping so there wont be any further questions about this topic.

Today and even after that day since I met him, it makes me smile thinking about his comments that there wont be any other guy who would travel from one state to another in a bus, first time stepping out of his home for such a long journey and that all too done just for a gal whom he loves. Well I am not sure that there are or there are not any who would have done the same. But I am sure that if he would look and search a little harder, he may find one or two who would had done the same for their gals. That's another story that what happened to them may not match with his own story :-). But it was nice to see someone that much dedicated for his love. May God bless both of them!


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