Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back With RAC....

Yes I am back today.  Well not for long coz I shall be leaving to  handle a already messed up assignment.  But about that later.  I was out for program and I got back today morning.  Good news is that I got a chance to attend Oracle 10g RAC training. Initially I didn't like the idea much as I was expecting some hurdles coming up as I was not attending this training as a normal student.  On a special request,this opportunity was given to me and as there is no free lunch anywhere, everything comes with a price and the price of this favor was that I was not allowed to ask any question in the class and was not allowed to do any hand-on too as there was no cluster setup done for me.  Well when I got there at the premises, I came to know that the instructor is Guru Parsad who attending one of my trainings and we gelled well with each other. So it was a little comfort for me that Guru was there. And the best thing that could happen to me was that Guru allowed to me attend the training as like any other normal student which was really needed for me to understand( in the very initial stages) this complex technology and also with a little power of my nature, I managed to get a working cluster also for me ;-).Don't ask how I did that coz that's a trade secret :-).Guru was taking this class for the 2nd time only but he did a good job in the explanation.  Though he still needs a lot of work to be done but with just 2 classes that he got to attend for himself, with 10days preparation, it was a brilliant job that he did, I must say.  On the last day, he shared his experience with me in break that how he was not allowed to speak a word even, not to bring his books in the training room, not to do any hands on and also how, even after the class he was not given much time to clear his doubts?And that's why he didn't want to do the same for me as he himself knew how hard it is when you are just sitting with your mind getting filled with  doubts but you are not allowed to ask a single thing.  I know this can be a disaster for a fresher who is going to understand and see this complex but great piece of technology in action. Well I am really thankful to Guru to be kind on me and clearing most of my doubts. It was a long due thing for me and its one of the most wanted technologies also at the moment. I have just taken first step towards it.  Hope I shall be able to understand it some what. Lets see how things go?


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