Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who Change?Person Or Time....

This title is not mine.I have stolen this title from one of my best friend Kavita's Post.I guess this is one of the finest posts that she has written so far.I am posting entire post here just to save you from clicking on one more link.All wordings, thoughts are from Kavita only.Have a read:
Persons change with time.
With time they make you companion….
With time they leave….
With time they stand by you….
With time they go away leaving you in between….

What is changing the time or the persons. Not able to answer. Why…don’t know. But may be they forget that the world is round the time will come when they may have to face the same persons. They have to bear all those what they have given to others at one time or the other and in one way or the another way. Bcoz almighty is there who never changes with the time or for whom the time always remain the same.
There is the time when somebody is keeping watch on your each step that you dont get hurt…listening to your each hearbeat..taking care of u like anything…saying and giving you everything before you say..and the time comes when the same person is ignoring you…why..who has changed….YOU or that person or the TIME…
The time comes when you yell that you must be changed..your heart, your mind must be changed with dont want to live with the same heart…but it does not change….
“Kyo bebas ho jata hai Dil”
Try to soothe that heart always who has given you warmth in the time when you needed….Always listen to that person who have missed its precious time for listening to u….Always hold that hand who has never let you alone in any time….
Yes..rush up may b somebody is waiting for this and looking for this from YOU..and believe you can give the ultimate happiness to that person..and see afterward you will also be on the top of world…opening your arms and ready to hug all the times..all the moments of your life…..


Blogger Tammna said...

I must say her writing is too good. Simply superb...when u love someone's soul and that someone left you behind, the same question will be there that who change...Person or Time...:)

I do have dis question but could not able to find out its answer yet...or i can say i do not want to find out its answer simply for a reason,

"jise aap sab se zyada chaho use zindgi me kabhi mat aazmana...
Kyunki...Agar wo GUNHEGAR bhi nikla toh bhi 'Dil aapka hi tutega"


May 17, 2012 7:22 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

What more I can say Tammna that I am trying to find the answer of the same question from many years but nowhere could find it.


May 17, 2012 7:28 PM  

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