Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Make Over....

I was having a different hair style some time ago.  Some things in the starting of the last year really broke me up.  When I came out from the hospital, one of my friends asked me to have a different hair style just to have a different feeling from inside.  Well I did that and I must say that I liked it.  So I am going to the same saloon up till now.  This time when I came back from my travel and I had to go to my stylist, he looked at my face and said that its looking so much blackish so I must go for a bleach.  Well if you want to laugh you can but I must confess that I had no idea( and to some extent, I still don't have much idea ) that what bleaching is all about?But Sumit, my stylist didn't let me do anything, made me sit there on that chair after the hair cut and put this whole word's strange smelling creams on my face.  I was supposed to sit for 10 minutes, after that a face wash and he said I have made you a smart guy now :-).I am not sure what he did and I am not sure still what did change in my face too ;-).But he said I need not to worry, I am looking like a "mirror cracking material".Well I bet that I am looking like that, after all how even mirror can handle such a terrific face ;-)?
Well its just the starting.  I am due to my first ever facial very soon.  Its going to be some "Gold Facial".Again I have no idea what it is but as Sumit said, I neither need to worry nor to think coz he is just starting to spoil me :-).Watch it Tom Cruise,  a star is under creation ;-).


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