Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back @ Home But Leaving Again....

Yes I got back last night at about 3am.Well the program went well.  I was really worried and tense about the well going of my program as I was told that I shall be compared with an earlier person who was in touch with the participants for last five days and as they say that once married and if you are going to marry again, there will be a lot of matching and comparing so that was making me a little worried.  But I was lucky that though  I was compared but still I got  to hear something really nice about me from all the partispants.Guest house was a little too much bad but still for me, it was okay as when I am traveling and have a program than this thing doesn't really matter.  I shall be going back again tomorrow as I have a program due.
On my way back yesterday, I met a gal as a fellow passenger, Aman Kathuria.Yup her name was also Aman :-).Well extremely intelligent gal, Master of Technology in Instrumentation and now she is pursuing her P.H.D in Artificial Intelligence.  Well it was a long talk that was started by her that when the bus will leave following where I am from?She told me almost everything about her life, her family and her love.  She is in love with a guy whom she met in her college.  I was amazed to hear that how much she has done for her guy.  She is in love with a different caste gal and too make things more complex, 2 years younger to her.  But she told me that she love him so much and she has made her parents agree about everything and not just her parents but also the parents of the guy, Bikram( that's the name of the guy) who is working as a software professional.  She told me how she paid all her guy's bills, rents and once she traveled nearly 36 hours to and from Jaipur to Delhi and than back to Jaipur with her guy coz he was leaving the next day to America.  I could see that she is in so much love with that guy.  She told me that both of them are entirely different but still they love each other so much.  Coz of the guy's working , he was working away from her.  He left her job and came to Delhi coz they can spend time and also she was going to start her P.H.D in IIT Roorkee but even when she cleared her interview and all that , still she left that and joined in Delhi coz she wanted to be with her guy.  She told me that they are going to get engaged some time in next month.  My heartiest wishes to both Aman and her guy Bikram.Oh yes, in all this, she also gave two commens about me. One about my smile that its one of the most sweetst smiles that she has ever seen ( that is a little too much sweet I guess but I appreciate the kind words of her.) and second that my hair style realy makes me look like a very decent and yet stylish guy. She asked me that I must look for a gal and I wont have any probs in it as any gal who would come with me will be very happy. When I asked that what about me made her say that, she said that there are some things which gals only can judge and make out and that's what she judged about me.Well I am not sure how much true this judgement but still I must say that I realy appreciate of the kind words spoken by her for me.
When I was hearing all that what she had done for her guy, I was thinking that there is so much that people do for the person they love the most.  They go till any limits for their happiness, for their one smile.Aman was just one another example I saw coz so many friends of mine have done the same thing too.  It feels so nice to know that someone is ready to do anything for you, for your smallest wish.  But I know this too that there are some in this world which does not bother about even the tears of their loved ones and leave them crying.  I know some of the people who tell their loved ones who go and see them that they are not bothered that they have come to see them.  They tell their loved ones that "so what you came?".They tell them that what ever their loved one did for them , they just were looking for some profit, self selfishness of their own only without ever thinking that how much their words must have hurt that person who had to hear all that just for one fault that he/she tried to do something for his/her love's smile/happiness.  But I guess, those who care and value the gestures of their loved ones, their emotions they can't( and wont) do that but those who don't care about all that, for them its just another thing.  It just depends that what is the priority of someone.  There are some who give away their heads for their loved one's one dropped tear and there are also some who don't even bother that they themselves have given just tears to their loved ones.


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