Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two Sides of A Coin....

While just stumbling upon web-blogs, I came across one few days back.  There was a post from the poster where he wrote that just before 2 days when he was supposed to meet his love who was going to come and visit him, they fought and things came to broke-up.  It was a heart-touching entry and if you ever have loved someone, you could feel the pain of that guy.  I couldn't stop myself and left a comment.  Lately I got his reply back that he and his love have decided to be together.  He wrote that she loves him and separation is just one word which can't ever come in them.  I just have to say that my best wishes are always with you guys.  I hope and wish that never ever this thing would come in your love.  Fights,disputes do happen and they are a part of love and life.  But one must never make them so high that for that momenteric anger, you lose someone whom you would never find again.
This was one side of the coin.  People who can't live without their loved ones no matter what happens or would happen with them or around them and even if by some misunderstanding, their love goes far from them, it comes back, they bring it back.  But there are some unlucky souls also here in this world who don't get this.  They have to bear the pain and collect the pieces of their broken hearts which is not broken by someone else but by their own love.  They just wait for the rest of their lives for their loved ones to come back, even just for one moment but it never happens.  Just like there is day and night, somewhere some enjoy the hugs and love of their beloved's and some burn in the fire set by their own love!
I shall conclude by saying this only that reading love stories from books and websites, reading romantic novels doesnt prove that one truely understands the meaning of love and loving someone.If you have to tell everyone that how much good you are, may be you are not good enough! If always you explain that how much you value relations and relationships when others not but actually you dont even look back after breaking a relation and someone's loving heart, may be still there is a long way for you ahead. When someone is dieing to hear your voice and you think its just a waste of time for you to spend some time for this, sit and think, is it really true that you know what is Love?


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