Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its My SONY....

Okay so finally I got my own laptop!Am I happy?To tell you the truth, I don't want to answer this question at this moment.  So when I shall answer?Well all I can say is that you have to wait for a little while longer to get the answer for it.  Its not that I am waiting for some technical analysis of the laptop to be done and than I shall post the results of it.  I am just waiting for some times to come.  For now I shall just say this only that its a nice feeling that you have your laptop at least for me its a very nice feeling.
Al rite, so you must want to know which model I chose? Well I did a little bit of research and I finally landed up on Sony Vaio SZ38. Among all the models that I saw, I liked this so much because of its sleek design powered with Core 2 DUO( 2ghz) with a 1gb(I am going to upgrade it very soon) RAM.  With a 13.1 inch of screen size and just 1.65 kg of weight,its really a laptop that can fit and sit well on your lap :-).Good work SONY!


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