Thursday, November 09, 2006


Sometimes, some things happen which leave you just standing still and wondering about it.  Sometimes it can be a sudden and sad thing, sometimes something which makes you really happy and brings a smile on your face with an ever lasting memory of it on your mind.  You never can pre decide when it will happen and for what, no one has no control over it.  It just happens and when it does, it just leaves you standing there,sometimes smiling, sometimes sad, but always,speechless .
Something like this happened with me too today.  Have you ever experienced the joy of getting something which you really wanted always and never expected to get from anywhere?How would you feel when someone, out of nowhere, gets it for you and that too just coz you have mentioned it to him that you wanted that thing some time in the past?That's the same that happened with me today.  Someone gave me two gifts today and for a person who have  got gifts by the times that he can count on his fingers,its something beyond words!The happiness and the joy of it cant be explained but can only be felt!I am not going to tell the name of the person and also not what I got coz its not the thing,its the gesture and the emotions which matter the most than anything else!I want to say so much but I really am not getting words to express anything.  That was the same condition with me when I opened up the box and saw it and that's the same when I am writing this, speechless !


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