Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Expectations or Inability....

We all are not so good and neither so much bad.  People come to us and leave us.  Some do this under the pressure of circumstances and some deliberately.  But even if one have left someone, can't he be with him/her in his/her bad times when he/she needs him the most?Being with someone in good times is something which all do but when the bad time comes than all one needs is support and a shoulder to cry.  Is it too much to ask and too costly to afford and give?When you need just 2 words from the person whom you think is closest to you,who  will be with you no matter what but you don't hear a word even from that person, how should it feel?You are crying, dieing every minute, feeling so alone, longing to hear two, just two words from that person but you hear instead of all this  that even your existence too doesn't matter for that person, how should it feel?You were always happy, smiling and all of a sudden, your smiles are gone and so is your happiness, is it just a coincidence, a change in your personality or its a consequence of some deep wounds on your soul given by none other but someone as close as heartbeats to heart are?No one gets angry without any reason, no one talks rude without any reason but when it happens, and that too from that one who never did that to you, do a self-check, what is there that you have done which is forcing the next person to do this?May be somewhere, something you have done which has crushed him/herself into pieces.  Yes people say sorry and think its all set and done but remember sorry doesn't alive a dead person!And some don't even bother to say that sorry too thinking that they never did anything wrong.  May be its just expectations which we sometimes set so much high on people when we shouldn't or may be its just our inability to judge this world!If you ask me what it is, I really have no answer!If you know let me have the knowledge too.


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