Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tired But Happy….

The entire weekend of mine, I spent in preparing for an upcoming new module which I am going to teach soon. I can’t even start to explain that how tiring the entire process of preparation is! Today, I have sat for straight 9 hours doing the hands-on with the product and trying to make it work. From last 8 days I am struggling to make the darn thing work but it didn’t happen. May be it didn’t because I was in the session teaching and doing the preparation of mine along with it. So may be I wasn’t paying a proper attention to all the details needed to get it going. Since yesterday, since I had no distractions , I was able to pay complete attention to the hands-on. But the worst part was that even till today afternoon, few of the things didn’t work. I tried a lot of this and that, but no, the result was zero. Finally, I decided to leave the given examples of the course curriculum and prepare my own demo. It would had solved two purposes. One, since its my own demo, the entire naming conventions and other stuff was in my control and would have given me a lot better clarity on what’s going on and how. Second, I chose to do a very simple example leaving any thing complex aside. And guess what, it did work! After spending so much time and seeing only error messages and some times, even they were not there too, it was just so good and satisfying to see it all working. I removed all the settings and did it again and it was working still. I can’t say that my work or preparation is over but yes, a major uplift is there with the things working and with this little bit of success, I can boost up myself to study harder and prepare more better. Let’s see how well I shall do.

This was the first reason that I am happy. The second reason of being happy is that I have finished my first 2 weeks of assignment and the delegates, after finishing the complete workshop, have given so MANY kind comments! How  happy the delegates were, I guess this comment shows just that,”It was like I was in the dark and didn’t see most of the aspects of the oracle DB and he brought light of knowledge after that I saw most of the aspects and beauty of them”. Now I am really not so good but the given comment is probably among the most satisfying ones for me. There is nothing more that makes me happy than seeing someone who is struggling with Oracle db, to understand it, work with it, anything to do with it, finally being able to most of it with ease and also geared up to walk on the path of learning this awesome piece of technology. And the delegates didn’t just limit themselves with comments and an excellent rating but also brought gift for me too! And guess what, not just one but two gifts along with a very sweet greeting card signed  by all of them! Touched I am that’s all I can say. Thanks so much everyone. I can just say this thanks but trust me, I mean it and I am so glad that I got an opportunity to come and share with you whatever little I know about Oracle db. I am really not worthy of getting  such kind words and gifts but thanks so much for all of it from the bottom of my heart! Thanks once again and hope, I would be able to meet you soon in some another program. Till then, keep preparing!

There was a group photo taken by the delegates and I shall be attaching it soon with this post.

So finally, the weekend is over and tomorrow, the deadly Monday is again coming with a new week. Hope the new weeks starts and goes on well. Those who are still having Sunday morning with them, have fun and those who are having the Sunday night with them, good night, because am going to crash on the bed now!


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