Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Good But Not Stupid….

Its just amazes me at times that how cunningly smart people try to be by using some of the worst excuses that can be possibly made. This is the same which happened with me today  leaving me surprised and angry at the same time.

I am traveling overseas at the moment name of which I shall not mention. I have been here before and I must say that I really like the place and even than that, people of this place. This is my 3rd visit to this place(probably would be the longest too) and every time I come here, I feel very happy and also very closer to my home too. And even this time, the experience so far otherwise has been the same. I have got some really GREAT feedback comments from the delegates. If I may mention one of them it is,”Oracle is lucky to have an instructor like Aman” . Need I ask for more? I can just say I am just so grateful for so kind words from the delegates and that’s enough to mention that how so nice the people over here are!

And just when all is so good, some idiot like the one I met today, comes and leaves you with an upset mood!

After finishing my day, I was waiting in front of the venue building for my hotel car to come and pick me up. Just then a mid-aged man and a kid walked towards me from the other side of the road and before I knew, they were there right in front of me. The man , very respectfully said hello to me and also asked that from where I am, how I am finding the place and also that because I looked like a very nice gentleman, he felt so tempted to come and talk to me. Obviously, I felt very nice and greeted him back very respectfully. Now, all of a sudden in all of these good talks and exchanging greetings, this man started to tell , out of no-where mind it, that how his daughter has met with an accident and he needs 30,000 bucks to get her treatment done! Wait a second, all of my Aquarian-detective-alike neurons of mind got activated and I was now listening to him very carefully , paying attention to every word coming out of his mouth and also to every gesture that he was making. He kept on saying that how he doesn’t know any one at this place and how serious his daughter is! And than the bombshell came. He said that he has 25,000 bucks and all what he needs is the remaining 4000 bucks. Really, just that much? And the last thing which he added what made me really so so mad, my grandson said that this person(me) is looking very nice so we must go and ask him for help. Give me a break will you! I told to him that I am very sorry to hear it but I am here on a business trip and despite that I would had been very happy to offer some help,  I can’t because my company is sponsoring this entire trip and I have no cash with me. Listening this, his smile became shorten and he said that okay, whatever I can offer to help would be fine. To which I replied the same answer that I gave already-sorry I can’t give anything because I don’t have. Well, his smile, by now, was completely gone and with a very forced way he said no problem and have a nice stay! Sure, I said and sat in my car.

Now, just for the record those who don’t know me beyond this web, if someone would approach to me for help, doesn’t matter that I know him or not, if I shall find him giving a genuine request, I would do all what I possibly can do to help the person. I have done it so many times already. I won’t claim that I am the nicest soul alive on this planet earth but yes, I am not so bad and in general,am a good guy, mostly. But that does NOT mean that I am  stupid either. I may not say and show but I am much more keen observant than one can possibly guess. Some one did mention it so many times that my eyes feel like they would penetrate within inside and yes, that’s VERY true. I am very good in finding odd things in a person’s sayings, looking in the eyes and see whether the words coming out of the mouth are true or not, to observe very closely a person’s behaviour and decide quickly that what he is up to. If you think that I am doing a lot of self-praise here, well be it! Yes, I do look like a nice person and for the record, I am indeed a nice person but that doesn’t mean that with one pity story, I can be fooled and especially when its such a flawed story in the first place. How on earth a father, whose daughter is in the hospital , is looking for mere 4000 bucks on the road by seeking the amount from strangers! That’s just one of those silly mistakes that he had in his story. But never mind all of this, I could forget this as just some another guy looking for some quick bucks but what really made me felt so upset that how shamelessly he used that kid for his own greed? What impression did it leave for that kid, what lesson he must have got from all this? I was just fuming with anger while coming back to hotel.

I don’t know what impression I was carrying on my face that the guy thought he can actually con me. If it was, as he said, because I look nice, well I am nice but that doesn’t mean , as I said already, that I am stupid and can be taken for granted, especially not when there is not even an iota of truth in the story being narrated to me.

How shameless and greedy people can be at times, just so weird, so much!


Blogger Tammna said...

so, we need to prepare our story well so that no one could able to catch it...isnt it..? As i have heard that its not bad to tell lies untill someone caught it...

just are right we are good but not to that extent that some one makes us fool and take advantage of our goodness.Its hard to judge people but eyes never tell lies...:)

May 17, 2012 2:40 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Tammna, I would had certainly helped the guy. Trust me, I have done the same so many times and I really wouldn't had thought twice if I had found him saying even a tiny bit of truth. It may sound stupid but as I said, those who know me beyond the web, they are aware that this is how I am! But, that doesn't mean that I am a fool also. I may not say but I would have an idea what one is upto. This fellow did an act of complete stupidity coming to me with that bad story and being not-so-good, I just sent him empty handed :) .


May 17, 2012 2:57 PM  
Blogger Tammna said...

hey aman you are right i was just kidding as i have mentioned it in my comments too...:)
I agree with you that one should speaks a truth instead of a 100 lies. As i do believe that a truth will hurt for a while but i guess its better than those 100 lies. At the end we are not trying to cheat someone by speaking lies.

May 17, 2012 5:27 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

I know Tammna that you were kidding, don't worry :) .


May 17, 2012 7:32 PM  
Blogger Soumika Mukherjee said...

You did exactly the correct thing. In fact I think we should all have an eye to distinguish between people who really need help and the ones who are just in search of making easy money. What amazes me is how can a person actually think of conning someone (looking good or bad, doesn't matter) using such unfortunate pretext about someone's own people (near and dear ones). That is really disheartening .

May 28, 2012 2:04 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

I don't know Soumika. May be I look too nice and stupid from my face.


May 29, 2012 10:41 AM  

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