Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday But Not TGIF Kind….

Yes, because I am working tomorrow which means its not a TGIF for me. I am at Colombo right now and would be here I believe next week as well. Those who are a regular here would be knowing that I have been here already couple of times and as like any of my work related travels, I haven’t seen nothing of it. And more importantly, I am having a new module to prepare because hopefully I shall be having a session of it soon, I am already very much occupied! So whatever chances possibly could be there for any sort of sight seeing also have been vanished. But even if its not a TGIF for me, I have still spent some time searching for some good songs and also for some good poetry out of which one song I shall be sharing in the immediately coming next post. For poetry, it may take some time. So all of you who are lucky enough to have a TGIF tomorrow, I envy you so much Smile. Just kidding, have fun!


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