Friday, May 11, 2012

RIP DJ Unkz, Gone But Not Forgotten….

How much hard it is to bear the pain of living without those who leave you in this world in tears and go to heaven, can be only understood by those who have faced this situation! I lost my dad last year in October itself and there are no words which I can say to describe what I feel inside. The mere thought that my mom was all alone at that time, how she was screaming over the phone as well as crying when she called me to tell that some thing is wrong with dad as he wasn’t saying anything. makes me shiver even now! That whole travel that I did since 3am from Banglore>Mumbai>Chandigarh and then to home being in tears, its just me who knows what I went through in it. I know its the same for all who lost their parents but as I say always, its always your own pain which hurts you the most so forgive me if I am just mentioning mine over here in my blog. If I could do, I would certainly had made sure that no one in this world would ever face that fateful when they have to see their parents die and/or any of their loved ones! But its not possible and that means, we all must go through this pain despite whatever we say. Though we may not know them all who undergo this pain but, as I said, all feel the similar sort of pain when they see any of their beloved one die. This post is just to mention that one another person who faced the similar loss , of his brother.
I won’t say much except this that today once again my eyes are wet after hearing a song which is made by a brother as a tribute to his brother who, like my dad, left him and his family so early and went to heaven. Call it a coincidence or whatever, the guy, actually should mention him DJ only, who has produced this song. also carries the same name which I have, Aman! The song is a tribute to his lost brother who also was a DJ himself, DJ Unkz aka Unkar. Its in Punjabi and I am really not in a state of mind to do the translation of it in English neither I think its required also because the flowing tears of DJ Aman would explain the meaning of the song and reflect his inside pain very well. Watch it below,
In this world, where two brothers can’t even stand each other for a minute even, this effort of DJ Aman for his late brother is not just commendable but also an example for all those who take their loved ones for granted. Don’t ever do that because you never know those whom you are ignoring, fighting with over petty things, they may not be even there in this world and no matter how hard you would call for them, you won’t be able to find them anywhere! RIP DJ Unkz! As DJ Aman said, you are gone but definitely , won’t be forgotten!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pain remains, the memories bring tears, the brother who was supposed to guide me through the years was soon to disappear. The light of our life was extinguished in the blink of an eye, the journey was so short but repercussions emmense, gone from our grasp, left voids that will never be filled. As tears roll down my face, I'm left with emptyness, that can never be filled, your impact on this world left a deep inprint, you took with you our smiles and left us with tears. My brother was the heart and soul of our family, the spearhead who would have guided us to greatness, now what ever we achieve will alway be with a tinge of regret, that you were not here to share it with us. A man who touched so many but asked for nothing in return, who achieved so much but was so humble in return. Was there a purpose to your departure, was there a greater plan ahead for you, god needs he's angels and in you he got the best of them all. Your presence amongst us all, time cannot wash away what you are to all of us, son, father, husband, brother, friend everybody had a place in your heart and in my heart your place is cemented. In our own way we are all counting the days until we are united, until that day we keep thoughts of you ignited to guide us through the daily grind. You left behind a catalogue of memories, until the times comes, we will search the pages until we are reunited. X x X

December 15, 2012 8:06 AM  

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