Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Truth Depicted In Just Two Lines….

Its 4pm right now and I have just taken medicine for fever. I was looking at the blog of mine and was thinking that I thought I shall write about some things but then, despite that I am at home since last 4 days, its not been possible for me to do because of one thing or the other coming up. Last 3 days were extremely busy as there were few functions that me and mom had to attend. Last night, mom was not well at all. She could manage to sleep at about 6am only and at the same time only I slept too. How am I? Well, I am not feeling so well either but that’s okay.  Even today, in about 3 hours from now, me and mom shall be going to out of station to attend a function at my sister’s home and we shall be staying there for the night. So, in short there is no time for a long post to come. But still, I have just read  two very short but very deep and true-to-life poetry pieces which I liked so much and thought to share. Both are in Hindi and I shall be translating them in English as well. So here comes the first one,

kabhi kabhi yoon bhi hamne apne hi ko behlaayaa hai,
jin baaton ko khud nahin samjhe auron ko samjhaayaa hai!

And its meaning in English is,

At times, I have just managed to convince my own heart,

Things which I myself have never understood, I have explained to others!


And the 2nd one is,

Moonh ki baat sune har koi, dil ke dard ko jaane kaun,

Aavaazon ke baazaaron mein, khaamoshi pehchaane kaun!


And its translation in English is,

All listen to what mouth speaks, no one understands the pains of the heart,

In the market where only sounds are sold, who would value silence!


I won’t be explaining the above two poetries any further except saying this that life is just so hard at times and if it is not at any times, people around you make it sure that its going to be!


Anonymous Firdaus said...

Nice post and thoughtful poetry pieces. Glad to finally see posts of urs after so many days.

April 18, 2012 2:16 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Thanks Firdaus :).


April 18, 2012 4:04 PM  

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