Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogger’s Look Update Coming Soon(Forcefully)….

I am a techie, a hard-core techie guy but still, I don’t like too many bells and whistles to be added-just for the sake of adding them. Facebook has done the same with my profile using the (stupid) Timeline. I didn’t choose to go for it but then, my account was migrated to it by force this month. And following the forceful “updates” , Blogger platform has also started to tell me now in the dashboard that in this month, the blogging interface that I use, which you are seeing now, is going to get a MAJOR facelift and whether I like it or not, my account is going to get updated for the same in this very month only. And this post from the Blogger team confirmed the same too.

Not a good thing, if you ask me.

I am sure it must be good but, strictly speaking of me and me only, I don’t like it and I don’t want it but I can’t do anything about it either! So folks, if you are here, in the next coming days, a major change is going to hit me in terms of look-feel of this blog of mine and also, to you. I shall try to still keep it as simple as possible in my best powers but I can only check it out when it comes for me. I have just saved the entire template of mine which I am using right now and hopefully. I shall try to make the new look as close as possible, similar to the current one. Hope its not going to come out so bad and the upgrade would be for good.

This post is just for a heads-up for all of you. If you are a regular here, I shall strongly urge and wish that you do come here and the (stupid) makeover won’t make any difference to you, at least not in a big way.


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