Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Whining….

Its 1:45pm and I am sitting here in the room where I am conducting this week’s session. Nothing specific or worth to mention about. Its just another new week with another new session and with another group of people. In short, the usual Monday for me. I am fasting today so there is no lunch that I have to go and eat today. I shall have something may be in the evening but for now, nothing.

Its been 6 weeks that I am in the sessions. The last week’s session was short ( for 2 days only) but still, there was work to do, a lot of work to do in fact! The whole week, where it went , I have no idea. All I know is that I just could a break for 3 days and after that, I was back in the session. Though I am not (yet) at that point where I am going to be feeling that I am completely being insane but its still a lot of work and some how, my mind is just not in the right state at the moment. I was looking at the blog of mine and was thinking that its very less that I wrote in the past few weeks and that’s not good. Its not that there was nothing to write but to be honest, I just didn’t feel like saying anything. All I wanted to do was to keep quite and that’s about it. Though I was quite but like always, I was thinking tons of things and was being angry and upset on few people so damn much! But I still didn’t write much. Hopefully, I shall be writing more often from now and would be getting my anger out ,if not anywhere or on any one else then over here at least.

Time to go and have a cup of coffee or something and close this “Monday moaning” .


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