Monday, March 26, 2012

Just So Much Tired, Sick & Traveling….

Its now that I have finally sat with a little bit of free time after spending the entire doing tons of the things. As it is Monday today and I do fast on Mondays, the entire day went without having anything at all too, making it even more tougher than the usual. Even more,I am not feeling so well. AND even more, I am going on a travel tomorrow which is actually driving me crazy because of my mom.
The day started quite late since mom wasn’t well at all and she was finally able to get some sleep at about 3am only. I slept at about 4am and since I had to do many things today, I woke up at about 8am. My cousin sister is visiting here since my sister has gone back to her in-laws home the other day. Though I wanted to start off early for all the tasks but then me, mom and my sister were caught up in a discussion and that took a while to get finished. After about an hour or so of talking, finally I went to temple and then left to city for a long day. There were couple of tasks to be done related to banks and that takes the maximum time if you ask me and it happened today too. I managed to finish all the things except for one bank for which I  brought a document which I was asked to bring before but now, I have to get another document since the 1st one is marked “wrong” by the bank official. I tell you what, if its related to bank or for any such body, always be ready to get frustrated and upset since they can change whatever statement that they had given you before and yet can tell you that it was your own fault. Anyways, I was done with the 1st round of tasks and was feeling so much tired and just wanted to get back to home. So started off for home.
By the time I got back, it was about 4pm. I had a glass of milk and also some fruit. After that I had to get medicines for mom and also some grocery as I shall be leaving tomorrow and then it would be very tough for her to get something, even for my sister too since she doesn’t know the places. Mom got her two fingers injured few days ago and that wound is giving her so much of pain. In addition to get the medicine for that, I got some other medicines also for her. Also, since my cousin is fasting for Navratri, so I got some stuff for her to eat as well.
Today,  I got some thing for me too, a pair of shoes. Its been almost 3 years since I last bought a pair of shoes from Egle shoes, a flat sole shoe which I really really did like so much! That shoe is now in a very bad shape and it shouldn’t be a surprise since I have wore it exclusively from the last 3 years. Its in such a bad shape and now, even no one is ready to repair it too. I did try to get the same pair few days back when I was at Hyderabad but it wasn’t there or as I was told, it has been discontinued by the company. So I was “forced” to buy some another pair for the time being. Since it was a “forced” thing to do, I was obviously not happy with that pair. Its good but its not the one which I wanted to get in the first place. I decided to give a try when I shall come back home and today, co-incidentally I was crossing right in front of the shop from where I bought the pair last time. When I asked here, fortunately the pair was available though it was slightly modified now and also, the price was hiked by the company from the last time. But still, I did get it and I just hope that as like the 1st pair, this one also would serve me well. If you want to have a look, here it is. Now, I was done with all the things that I decided to finish for today before my travel and finally, I could get some time free and have a bit of rest before starting for tomorrow’s travel. Its going to be a long travel and since my mom and my sister would be all by themselves back at home, I am just too much worried and concerned about them at the moment. If I could, I would had cancelled this travel but this can’t be done and that means, its not going to be an easy or relaxed tour for me at all. I am just hoping and praying so hard that all goes well and both would be completely fine.
Its time to get back and see that if everything is in place since I shall be leaving quite early in the morning. If there is any part of my travel that I truly hate, it is this travel from my place to New Delhi which takes about 7 hours and trust me, its not a fun-filled journey at all, especially when you are doing it via a bus or even by a cab. But there is no other alternate because train time doesn’t suit me and moreover, there is no seat availability of the seat as well. So the only alternate is to use a bus and that means, 7 hours of journey, a long one, really long one!
Oh and I almost forgot that I mentioned being “sick” too. Well, that’s not much. When I got back home and was sitting on the chair, felt some thing moving on my upper lip and guess what, it was blood. Yeah, it was blood moving out from right nostril and I have no idea why. I am assuming that it might be because of some heat or summer stroke sort of thing but I am not too sure. As it started, it got stopped as well so I guess its okay. But since about 3 hours, I am having severe headache and stomach ache again for reason(s) that I have no clue about. Did I say that I am traveling tomorrow?


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