Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meeting The Wadaali’s….

And another week starts from today, with another session and with a new batch of delegates. Actually the week started off yesterday itself when I started of from my home. Anyways, there was nothing unusual with the travel. I started of at 6am from my home and got the bus almost right at the time when I reached the bus stand. That was the good part. The bad part was that I got a seat where I couldn’t sleep at all as it’s not allowed. Its the seat right besides the driver and its not allowed, even in the public buses to fall asleep. Normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue but as I hadn’t slept from last 2 nights straight, this did become a very big issue for me. Its much harder to stay awake when you want to sleep and when you are told to do so. Somehow, 7 hours did pass and I finally reached the airport. Since I went there on a public auto-rickshaw, I had to take the airport bus to reach the departure terminal. All was good except that I put my bag just across the gate of the bus and there were all the chances that it would fall on the stairs with the first ever bump coming on the way of the bus and as the Murphy’s law is, it did happen too! Luckily, the doors of the bus were closed all the time so I didn’t have to worry about the bag being left over some where in the midway and even better, there were another 2 bags of some one else sitting right beside my bag. That means I wasn’t the only one who looked stupid picking my bag up from the road when the bus doors were finally opened. Lucky me isn’t it? Damn it!

On the airport, the scene was normal. A lot of people, running from here to there, ground staff of different airlines struggling to get people checked-in and the staff of various shops selling tons of things to the passengers. In all of this chaos, I was also moving towards the counter of my airline when I spotted Lakhwinder Wadali(another link for him is here) standing there. I kind of bumped up to him and immediately recognized him. Those who know me well, are aware about this that how much music is close to me and spotting someone like Lakhwinder Wadali was actually a very good thing for me. I usually won’t bother even if its going to be Amitabh Bachhan ( I have already come across few others on the airports) but for a musician that I like a lot, I must had to make an exception in my “don’t bother” rule. And it turned out that Lakhwinder is a very nice guy and also, was very humble as well. And guess what, he wasn’t traveling alone but was having the legendary Wadali brothers as well- Ustad Puran Chand & Pyare Lal Wadali! It was just so great to meet all three of these musical legends and be with them even for a small time. I did take the autograph of Lakhwinder and Pyare Lal wadali and also managed to get a shot with all the three (though the pic didn’t come out so well and no, that’s not my fault since I didn’t take it) . I shall be updating the post with the pic when I shall manage to upload it over the web. After that, we all left for our specific airline counters. A short meeting it was but without any doubt, was a good one, a memorable one!

Now, back to the reality life and that means, the session started today. Its a very tough module and the delegates are all very well experienced in the module already. So its going to be interesting as well as, very hard week. But there would be a good thing that there would be a weekend coming in between before the module would complete. Let’s see how the whole thing goes finally? Its time to get some rest and be charged up for tomorrow. So off to bed now. 


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