Thursday, September 24, 2009

Training , Birthday, Fun Fun Fun….

It may come as a surprise but I am attending a training this time. I did attend one in the last week as well and just for the record, I have paid for both from my very own pocket and I paid a LOT. I have been asked by all that why did I pay from my own pocket but that's not a very long but indeed a very disturbing story. I won't be writing about it (at least not at the moment) but I have learnt couple of lessons from this episode for sure though! Anyways, so this is the day 4 of the training today and it will be starting in another 2 hours or so. So far it was an okay kind of experience. I can't say its very good but I can't even say that its really bad. Good thing is that the instructor is a good friend of mine and he is putting a lot of effort to explain the concepts , guess why, because I am sitting in the class :-) .  About the other delegates, my partner is extremely good, a real techie and guess what , he is from Ludhiana as well which means, a Punjabi like me only! So we are having a great time and moreover, training is the starting of the learning for anyone so its not the last of the things but is one of the very first things actually. Once you have got the training , now its up to you how you enhance that knowledge? Let's see what comes up in next two days? Hope all will go well :-) . I guess, its enough for the training rants , let's talk about some thing good and exciting, how about an all boys birthday party ;-) ?

Yesterday was the day when God sent Sidhu to this planet earth 27 years ago. The birthday celebrations started from the other day itself when we cut a cake at midnight. I really want to post the video that we shot at that time but it has too much of , hmm what can I say, "excitement" packed that I don't think web sphere would be handle it! Anyways, so yesterday at about 6.30pm , we all gathered at Connaught Place as was told by Sidhu. The plan of action was already prepared and except of me, all knew about it already that where we are going and all that.  So as decided, I got over there. Finally, it was me , Ankit, Deepak , Preet and of course the birthday boy himself, Sidhu! Sidhu and others knew where to go so we all headed straight to that place. I wanted to buy a laptop backpack for me and we did stop to see one for me but some how, we didn’t buy it. As we were walking towards the place, I thought to buy a gift for Sidhu and shared my thought with Deepak. Sidhu is extremely thin( see him in the pic below) so Deepak warned me that it would be extremely difficult to find any clothing for him and he was indeed right. We thought to get a pair of jeans for him but finally ended up getting a casual shirt. The good thing is that he did like the shirt. There is nothing better if you are there with your friend on his birthday and he did like the gift that you gave to him. So after the shopping was over, we were finally in the place. It was pub sort of thing but it did have good food as well. Me and Sidhu don’t drink but the rest of the gang doesn’t leave any chance to have a go over it so they had a blast with the beers. The place offers “happy hours” which means that in a certain timing if you order, you would get one bottle free and surely they ordered within that time only. We ordered couple of snacks and out of those, two were extremely good. Me and Sidhu tried couple of fruit mocktails as well and they were good. It was crazy the way we were behaving over there, especially Preet who alone is enough to knock out the whole place whereever he is standing :-) . We were not at all looking like educated computer geeks( all of us work as  computer techies only) and if you ask me, I don’t like to look like one either! Anyways, after paying a whooping bill of 3000 bucks, we came back to the room. If you know me, I can’t close a day without having a cup of tea so at mid night, I asked Sidhu to make one( he makes really good tea) and finally after having it, declared it a day! It was just great and I can’t recall when it was last when I had a great time like this. There is nothing like being with your friends and especially with those who are so good from heart! It was just great that’s all I can say!

I am putting here a pic of ours. Deepak is missing from it as he was actually taking the snap :-) . Can you guess who is who ;-) ?




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