Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hungry, Tired, Tensed Post From Airport....

I am writing this post sitting at the laptop charging point. Its raining like anything and I am dead tired because I couldn't sleep last night at all. Okay, to be honest, I did sleep for 2 hours and woke up at 3.30am after seeing a bad dream and since then I couldn't sleep. I was going to wake up anyways at 5 because my train(yes I came by train this time) was supposed to leave at 7.06am and as train station is far from my home, I thought to wake up early. I didn't have anything yesterday and that's why I was feeling so much hungry, even it was just 5.30am. After having a small and quick byte kind of breakfast, me and dad drove to the train station. Its a good thing that the train from which I came, doesn't get delayed normally but it can't happen that if I am traveling, things would go as they always went. It was late today by 5 minutes and believe me , its a heck too much late for that train. Anyways, the train is quite good and if you travel from it, you don't feel any problems/fatigue. But because I didn't get any sleep at all , I am feeling really tired. I could get some sleep in the train but both of my co passengers were talking non stop over their cell phones to god knows whom! End result is that I am still feeling so sleepy and may be because of that only,dead tired as well. Food given in the train was okay, that's all I can say that it was just okay. I didn't have much of it so I am feeling really hungry at the moment. If you have read two last posts, there are couple of tensions too over the head which I can't mention  but are enough to take out my sleep and peace. One new issue happened today with a document that I needed to send somewhere and guess what, it has a mistake of just one dot and just for this, its now required to be redone. Some one just shoot me !! To put that last cherry on the cake , the programs are tough as well , so would be the audience. And last but certainly not the least, my guest house manager just called me to tell that where I stay all the time, there is no room available there so they are putting me some where else. Not a new thing for me, it did happen some time before as well but when ever it happened, the experience was not good at all ever and I really doubt this time , there would any change in that.  Did I mention to shoot me already? Anyways, I am really hungry so I shall try to get some thing to eat. Hope I shall get some thing good.


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