Friday, September 04, 2009

A LOONGG Weekend Ahead....

I couldn't write anything for last 2 days  thanks to the guest house where I was put in. As I mentioned that it never happens with me that if I am going to be in some another guest house over here , it never turns out to be a good one and the same happened this time too. Except for an "okay" kind of room, there was nothing that could be called even bearable over there. Be it staff of the place, be it food, internet connection of them, anything and everything was not working. I normally get along with the staff of any guest house/hotel really well and very easily too. It doesn't take me much time to observe and see how they are and how would they behave, call it whatever, a skill, instinct anything but I guess, I hardly have gone wrong in my guess about this. And this is not limited to just guest houses and their staff, this does apply to almost every place where I get interaction with another person. Its rare that my observation about the person is going to get proved wrong. A blessing with a curse it is. Why? Well, this is a topic of a future post, not of this one. So let's stop it here and continue the ramblings over the guest house. Alright, so when 2 days back , I got into the new guest house, thanks to no vacancy in my "actual" guest house, I had a feeling that this won't be a good one. And to make my instinct prove right, the first thing which did happen was that the internet was not working. I was told that there would be a direct wire to get me to the WWW but even when I used the wire,there was nothing which was working. Reason was unknown. Well, as I just arrived and was very much tired, I just slept. I was told that it was raining that's why net is not working next day. Never mind, it does/can happen. I was not able to come out from this bad experience and the second shocker was breakfast, which was really bad. Okay. I had whatever much I could and left for the session. I came back in the evening only to see that internet is still down, again there was no reason( except for the old rain one) . I ordered dinner looking at the menu. When it came, I was reassured that the stay here is surely not going to be pleasant one. Anyway, I had a little only. I had a little breakfast too in the morning as I was getting late. I was told that they would put me to some another room where internet would be working. Well, what I could say except yes. So I was going to shifted back to another room and I disturbed. But I am not in that room and am also not in my original room as well. I got a call from my manager of this guest house that they are shifting me back to the actual guest house where I stay all the time and is it okay for me? What else I could ask for knowing that all would be fine there( and it did was like the last one)! So in the evening, I got shifted to this new guest house( new for a stranger may be) which is just perfect in all the sense.  So finally, I shall be able to have some nice sleep and good food :-) .

The session took off really well IMO. The delegates were really great. One of them sat in an another session of mine as well. But all of them were really great and knowledgeable. And we did  have a good time/discussion for 2 days. You must be wondering why I am using past tense for mentioning things. Well, have some patience and keep on reading and you would come to know  ;-) .

Today there is an festival here. So we were told that there would be huge rush over the roads so please cancel the classes before lunch so that both, trainers and delegates could get back to their places safely. We decided to push up till lunch time and then wind up. But there was some thing else which was meant to happen. YSR Reddy, chief minister of Andhra Pardesh, was reported missing since last morning. There was a huge search operation going on for him but nothing gave any fruits. Today, I was told at about 12 by one of the delegates that he is found dead due to a chopper crash. This sent a panic signal across the entire state and there were mourning started everywhere, creating a very unstable environment. I was asked to wind up the session way before 2.30pm even and I had to listen to them as it would had been a huge problem if anyone of them would get struck over road or in the office. For tomorrow, already there was an announcement in the office that it would be remain closed as the cremation ceremony would happen tomorrow, which  means things would just become from bad to worse tomorrow. So this means, that there won't be any class for tomorrow. As I am having a  session here only for the next week as well, it really doesn't leave any option for me to get back too as I would be required to fly back here on Sunday. So I am now having  3 days ahead of me which are just idle and going to be completely wasted. I won't be able to go out too which means, they would end being really boring as well. Not a weekend I would want to have at any point. But have no choice now except to kill time and wait for Monday to come when I would get busy in some action with the session. Sitting idle is a really bad thing as there are tons of things which start hitting me and already , there is a tension over my head and now its going to haunt me for next 3 days. Bad bad bad! I would see if I can find some thing to make me busy. Not sure I would be able to find some thing but I shall try my best!

Just before I wind up, I am seeing an email popping up from Pustak Mehal, a large book publishing company which , not sure why still keeps on sending me the updates/mails even when I told them not to. Few years back I wanted to learn Gujrati language ( don't ask me why, I won't mention ) and I was looking for some tutorials and I ordered books from this publisher. Books were good and I was able to do a little of reading/writing of that language. I wasn't much good( actually was not good at all) but I was trying very hard to learn it. Since that time only, I am getting mails from these guys. Not sure why they have not stopped sending me mails ? Are you trying to find a relation  of this with the above part? Well, there is none actually. It was just a rant and its over now :-) . Off to bed I am now!


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