Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Fun Evening Doing "Window Shopping" ....

Okay so I am here today with my friend Amardeep Sidhu at his place because I am going to attend a training tomorrow onwards. I decided to stay with Sidhu as this is going to be the best reason for spend some time with him and the current mood in which I am at the moment, staying with him will surely give me a nice refreshing change.

So I started today morning at about 9.30am and got here by 5.30pm. The first thing that I came to know when I got here was that Sidhu and entire gang is going to visit a shopping mall, Emporio Mall. I didn't visit  this mall before and neither did Sidhu so it was going to be exciting. So finally me, Sidhu, Ankit and one another friend of Sidhu, Rajesh with his wife were on their way to the mall. It was a good experience as the mall hosts a wide range of national and international brands of clothing , apparels and other stuff. Today there was some fashion show also going on over there so we did have a look at that too. It wasn't good at all to be honest but anyways, it was still fun to some extent. I was desperately hungry because I didn't have anything since morning so I had "Raj Kachori" over there while Ankit and Sidhu enjoyed their Coke while taking bites out from the Raj Kachori :-).

The mall has lots of brands but to be honest, I really didn't like the mall much. It had nothing which did excite me. I am not sure why though but for me, it was just an okay kind of mall having the same kind of brands that are there almost everywhere. Yeah, the place was well built , very beautifully designed. I have seen almost all those so called brands in my travels abroad so they were of almost no interest for me. Yes, I met Rajesh who is an exceptionally hilarious guy and that was the best part for me. There is nothing like being with your friend, especially when you are having tensions on the mind. Overall a good fun filled evening. Yes, I really wanted to buy some clothes for me but the brand I was looking for wasn't there so I had to come back empty handed. So we all got tired while doing "window shopping" only :-) . Finally, after getting tired, we all got back to our place. We were all desperately hungry and tired by the time we got back so we immediately rushed for our dinner! Not to mention that we really enjoyed it :-).

I am still feeling tired like anything and as I am going to attend a training tomorrow, I need to be in the best condition of my mind so that I can understand all what ever would be told tomorrow so I am going to bed now. Hope I shall catch some sleep, looks difficult though thanks to the stupid tensions over the head! Let's see , hope sustains life , right ;-) !


Blogger *~mad munky~* said...

friends are the best medicine :o)

September 23, 2009 1:02 AM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Indeed :-) .

September 24, 2009 9:37 PM  

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