Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Black Day....

Its a sad day today because another bomb blast happened in New Delhi today afternoon. There was a similar incident of serial bomb blasts two weeks ago. It just happened a day after since I got back to home and this time it did happen  a day before when I am going to leave for New Delhi. I am not sure what is the purpose of those who are doing all this and to be really frank, I don't give a damn for whatever their logic may be for doing all this? Killing innocent people for just our own selfishness is just a mere act of cowardness and nothing else. Its really sad to see this happening in the capital of the nation as well. The city must be secure to its fullest but I guess the truth is far away from this. Not sure what's more going to come? I know I can't do a single thing for those who have lost their loved ones without having any faults at all. All I can do is pray to god and wish that their souls may rest in peace.


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