Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back, Extremely Tired But....

I got back today morning. It was a very a tiring trip. I have not spent 3 weeks at one place ever but this time I did and rather traveling every week almost 150kms. Well travel is okay but the last week which I spent, that was both tiring and grueling. Guys were much more experienced than me and were way more senior than me. This was 4th program that I did for that company and I came to know that I was called on a "special request". This gave me two different kind of feelings, one that was a real "proud" and "happy" sort of because of the honor that they gave me by putting my name as a special request, second was a chill sent down to my spine that I must keep myself up to their expectations. So it was not a very smooth sailing. But thanks to the guys, everything went well. There were many guys in the group whom I met almost 2 years back in the same premises and they recognized me instantly. I never experienced that people clapped after the program and that too in a private event but this time , it did happen. I guess it means things went well ;-).

So I am back and I am so much tired but I need to start my travel again as I got a program already scheduled. Its been now 7 weeks that I am traveling on the stretch. No complaints about my travel but there are some things on the personal front are not so good.  And that's the only thing which is not making me feel comfortable about going out and travel. I just hope that everything remains fine. I need to finish some work before I can catch some sleep so will do it now. So catch you guys later!


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