Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yes I got back yesterday. It was an easy program. I must say that the guys were really very good. All seemed to be very friendly and did participate in the program very well. In fact, I had lunch with couple of them and all sounded very nice to me. There was one guy Abhishek who was the lead in the group and I must say, I have not seen many who can be techies and can still crack jokes, a very nice guy!

To my amazement, in the last 2 programs, things which never happened before did happen. I never saw in any program, especially in a private event, people clapping after the program. But in my last program at Hyderabad, it did happen. And in this program, Abhishek took couple of group snaps and especially 2 of mine alone. I can just say that it was a great honor for me. I hope that program went well and guys were happy from it. All went smiling so I guess it wasn't too bad ;-)!

That said, there is some thing sad that too did happen yesterday. I came back on Friday night and yesterday, there were serial blasts that did happen in Delhi. Almost 20 people are reported dead and more than 100 are reported as badly injured. I am not really why people do all this kind of stuff to others? I just hope and wish, all the injured get well as soon as possible and those unfortunates who lost their lives in this sad incident, their souls may get rest and peace. Its really now scaring me, I have been to all the places in the last few years and have come back just a day or two before when there was an incident like this happened. Always a narrow escape,don't know how long I would be able to cheat like this. Let's see!


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