Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Afternoon At Salon....

I was planning to go for a hair cut. It was long time due. Well in my case, long time doesn't mean months, its actually weeks due to my hair style ;-) .So it was almost quite a time and I wanted to go for it now since I am leaving for my travels(yes again) pretty soon. So yesterday I planned to go for it. I was also feeling very much dryness on my face from some days. Now I am not a very much caring kinda guy when it comes to my own self. So I generally don't bother about what's going on with me much. But this time, I was feeling an itchiness and I wanted to do something about it. So as usual. I asked my sister who is an expert in all this and she recommended me to go for quite a lot of packs and all that.  Well now, I am not THAT keen too. Okay I thought I about taking some face clean sort of stuff but that I was double minded to go for it or not? One, the time spent would be too much and second is cost. I am not really so much fond of tons of bucks over this sort of thing.

Well I thought to go for hair cut only finally :-). But my sister already called up the guy who does my hair cut and made sure that he is going to push me like anything. So when I got there yesterday afternoon, stage was almost set. I told him that I wont be going for any facials or anything like that. So he mentioned that he would just go for a face clean and nothing else and after that, hair cut will follow. So I spent around one hour with my eyes closed, feeling multiple sorts of creams/ lotions dancing over my face. When everything got over, the manager who is a good friend too  said, wow your face is glowing! And I tried to search for that glow myself for about 10 minutes standing in front of the mirror but in vain. So after that I followed my hair cut.

Now when all of this was over, there were couple of things in my mind. One which was on the top was that hats off to gals who spend hours and loads of cash on all this stuff which is going to go away in few hours only after doing it. My hairdresser asked me to put SPF over my face to protect the "glow". And I was like , what the heck is this thing in the first place and who would actually remember doing all this? I travel in buses, autos too and what this SPF is going to do at that time and moreover , I skip meals at times when I am busy, how the heck I would remember putting all this over my face? Its amazing how gals spend all their time doing and caring about all this only. So would I go for it again? Well I don't know. I guess it was two years before when I went for this face clean and since then my face is cleaned by my soap only. So looking at my track record, I can say , not any time soon :-).


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