Monday, February 18, 2008

Saying No....

We all love that when we say some thing, it should be done. When we ask some one to do some thing for us, we want it to be done. We like it that our orders to be fulfilled. Who wont like right ? But some times its not possible. Some times its not possible to say yes and go ahead with what some one is willing for. Its not mandatory that all the time it has to be due to some sort of professional reasons but it can be at times due to the personal reasons too. When the things come to personal level, personal limitations than what one should do? When one can't go ahead saying that alright I shall do than what he should do? If your answer is one should say I am sorry than you are right. We have to say at times, I am sorry. But some times we go beyond the limit and think about putting ourself on the back foot and go ahead for doing what the person on the other side is looking for, wanting us to do and this may be because of lots of factors, we have respect for the other person, we have respect for what we do, we think that its ok, I shall do it for this time coz some one's life is in trouble so its okay I shall do it. Is it bad? No I don't think so. Its tough, its really tough to push yourself and do this kind of thing.

But there may be another aspect of this whole situation too. You are not having any commitment but there are a lot of issues that are there on your personal side which are not allowing you to go ahead. So you take a back foot and stop. Than there comes some one who says that we need your help coz some other person is not available because of the same reason for which you are not too. So can you go ahead and take his job and do it for the sake of support? Tell me what you would do ? Its not your call, its not your commitment and to make things worse, things at your side are not well. So what you would do? Is it not fair to say no at that time coz even if you are willing to go for it, your mental state is not right to go for it. So would you go ahead with this kind of dicey mind setup or you would say no? Would it be called unfair for saying no here even though the duty for which you are saying no was never yours and you are not saying no coz you didn't want to help but you yourself are not in a position to go ahead for this job? Should you be called that you are not co-operative?

Saying yes is a very nice thing. All would like it.  No one would be unhappy if you would take a step forward and do their work or support them when they would ask for it. But would you do it all the time just because you have done it always? Is it unfair to say no some times not because of some thing related to you but some one who means more than you even? Is saying  no for once even means that what ever you had done should be forgotten and you should be held responsible for any loss just because some one would not like that you have said no? I guess its too easy to make people ticked than to make them happy and no matter how hard you try, how far you go , you can't make all happy to all the levels. Some times its really tough but its important  to say no even when you are not willing to do that. Its not the best thing to do but some times this is the only thing that one can do.


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