Saturday, February 23, 2008

11g & Me....

Well its been a long time that 11g has released and to be frank, I really could not spend that much time which I thought would spend over it to grab the release 1 features before release 2 comes up. There were all sorts of things happening. My travel, programs, my own problems and so on so  it got little bit behind the schedule. Well I may change what I do at the moment in terms of profession. Things are going on and are under process. Hope everything will fall at its right place at right time. But one thing is for sure that I have got 2 goals in front of me that I have to achieve. What they are I wont talk about them at the moment as its like a common thing for me. Once I say some thing that never happens so let it be a secret sort of thing at the time. When the time is going to come and when I shall think that I am little bit more prepared to tell others, I shall reveal them. Just for the record, it has nothing to do with my personal life. Its all about my professional life. I guess the title of the post was some thing else and I started some thing all together a different story. Ok so we were supposed to talk about me and 11g, how well we are getting along with each other? Well the answer is not so badly :-). Yes I wont say really well but its not getting any step child treatment. Its elder brother 10g has been sent for a vacation for some time and 11g has been given a full fledge apartment so that we can know each other a little bit more and I can understand 11g more deeply. Lets see how many other people I have to refer to actually do this ( the list is not so long but the things to know are too much). So fingers are crossed. I hope it wont take too long. Lets see!


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