Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is In The Air....

And on the internet,  cards, movies, gifts and for sure everywhere where one can see today. Its Valentines Day today. A day which lovers wait whole year to come and when it comes, they celebrate like Diwali or Christmas. And that is also good to know, after all we are talking about love, the most precious gift one can ever get in his/ her life.

Well so how did I celebrate my day? To tell you the truth, I forgot that its the day today. Weird right but yes its true. I was thinking that its yet to come. So how did I pass my day? Well I was sitting and replying to Oracle Forums to the people about their database issues :-). Cool way to celebrate right? Wanted to go and have a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee day than left the idea. May be I shall go tomorrow but again that depends how will be my mood tomorrow which certainly was not good today.

People have made this day to exchange gifts, cards, roses and just bump upon anyone and say to him/her that I love you. But this is not love. Love is not so simple and easy. Love is not giving gifts or making calls or exchange bucket full of roses. Its much more beyond this. I you love some one, he/she will manage even if you wont give him/her all this. What one really needs , truly wants is the promise of a lifetime  of togetherness, commitment to be with his/her loved one no matter what happens? I read a few days back a very nice quote that my friend messaged me."The one who holds your hands every time you need support are your good friends. But your love can only be that one who doesn't leave your hand even when you yell and say leave me alone". Be that kind of person who doesn't leave his/her love's hands no matter its a good time or bad one. Don't say to your loved one that leave you alone and he is making your life hell, he is the biggest problem of your life, because of him you are living in a fear, if others will come to know , you would be embarrassed. If being with your love makes you feel ashamed, you should seriously think that are you telling a truth to that person whom are you saying that you love him? Valentine's day is to express love to those persons whom you really love from that heart. But if you think that when the time will come and you would be needed, if you are going to leave your loved one's hand saying that staying with him will give you troubles than may be you should not go and spoil some one's day. Love is not so easy. It takes everything away from you and by giving that only , you become contended.


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