Thursday, February 14, 2008


I got back. It was a stressful and tiring program. To make things spicy, this program already got bounced for some unwanted reasons and than only it had been thrown in my lap to sort out. And that's the toughest thing to do if you ask me truly. Its always tough to get married in the first time only and to get again married, one has to do a lot and that's the same happens in these kind of programs. Its already that some one has done some thing really good or bad, both the cases are tough in their own way as if it is good you have to be more better than the last , not in just technology but in everything else too, if its bad, you have to clean the slate completely and also make sure that you wont do the same mistakes that the last person either did or they happened for whatever reasons. Sounds tough right ? Well yeah it is :).

So I started from my home as like always in bus to Delhi.Only thing was that I started late in the afternoon because I was not flying anywhere so I thought to spend some more time at home. At about 1pm in the noon, I started. Everything was like normal only, a bus going on smoothly ( rather too smoothly, the reason of that I came to know later), passengers talking, sleeping and me thinking what's going to happen, will I be thrown in the same manner like the last person in the first two hours only , will I survive and some other indistinct thoughts which are always with me. And suddenly I realized that we have traveled much less as comparable to normal looking at the time of travel which was almost 2 hours. And then the reality was revealed to us by driver that one tyre of the bus was flat. Great! So it means we are going to get delayed or worse will be asked to move into another bus. Well some how we were moving( slowly) and were not asked to move out. Driver  checked couple of shops for repair but coz of Sunday, there was either a person missing over the shop or shop only was closed. We got one shop at last and that guy repaired the tyre. And in this whole process, we wasted about 3 hours. Cool, so me who was supposed to get to my hotel at 6pm, now will reach chilling at some where 9pm. What else I could ask for to go bad?

I guess I said that too early. I landed up in Delhi and moved to my guest house. Some where there was a gut feeling that this also would go wrong and it did happen in the same manner. When I got at guest house, I was welcomed with a "oh god" look which means some thing got  seriously messed up in my booking and now I have to look for another place. And that's the same what happened. The person who was supposed to confirm my booking "forgot" about that and now he was calling and apologizing for it. Oh the joys of traveling. So now those people whose guest house I bumped up, they said they will arrange a room for some where else as its a mistake on their part too. So within ten minutes, I got myself in another room and in a different guest house which was not new for me as I already stayed in that one once before too. So things got sorted and were not that messed up. I got myself a room in this chilly winter. What else can go wrong?

I should not had said that at all. The next morning when I went to office and met my sales person, he explained me ( rather scared me) about the whole situation. His huge order was on the stake coz of this whole mess which happened last time. So he wanted me to save the situation in any case. Well I said which I always say I shall try, lets see what happens. I don't know much about Oracle so with my limited knowledge, I shall see how far I could pull that program. And my sales person hates it when I say that :-). Anyways when I entered the room, I was told this is not a repeat of the last match and some new people have replaced the old ones. Gosh! And to make things more worse, these all persons have not brought any course kit. Cool! So now we got a room full of already unsatisfied people and having no books at all to move upon with the program's hands on. I had to pull in my sales person to have a word with them as we don't deal in all this. He came and explained the whole situation to the guys and gals that there wont be any extra course material supplied as they have already got for what they have paid. So now I had to carry the show. Just before when I was going to start, two guys from the room asked me to come out to "warn" about a front row guy who according them would create unnecessary problems for the entire with his questioning. According to them, this also happened in the last time too. Well I thanked for giving me a red signal in the start only. Its not new for me, I see this all the time and I have my own way to deal with this kind of situation. If one is good and is asking logical questions, I shall encourage them but if some one is just "me too" stuff than I am bad, very bad. How I handle this, for knowing this, you have to replace yourself with that person in my program and have to see. Its not good to reveal your trade secrets right? So we started and in the first 10 minutes, I got to know that those guys were right and I was asked a very odd question. Some how we moved upon with the program. And with the passage of time, all went smooth. Even the guy who was supposed to be creating mess, didn't do that and was listening and co-operating nicely.

It was not a very long program. It was just for two days. So we finished the program with smiles on every one's face and that's what I always want in the end of the program. Things some how , some way were on the right track and there is nothing more rewarding than this.

So after a long time, I am back at home and I want to stay here for some time. There are certain things at home which are not right. I just wish to god that all of these things would get find as soon as possible. I have some unfinished works to finish, I shall do that too. And I have to start my study too. There are some couple of things that I need to do besides all this which I shall try my best to do in this short period. Lets see how much of all this I shall finally be able to accomplish? I missed writing for this long and for sure , will try to make all that up too. So a lot is expected to happen. But for now, I shall be going and will look for some thing to eat. So see you later. Adios!


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