Monday, May 07, 2007

A Short But Touching Story....

Some times, some words are so short but their meanings are so much deep.  All depends upon how much one understands out of those things?I just read a short story whose message is something which most of us claim to know but actually we don't wanted to share that story with everyone so I am posting it here, have a read and let me know your thoughts about it.  Have a read:

A little gal and her father were crossing a bridge.  The father was kind of scared so he said to his little daughter,"Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river".The little gal replied , " No dad, you hold my hand."The puzzled father asked the gal,"what's the difference my dear?"

That little gal replied,"there is a big difference father.  If I hold your hand and some thing happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go.  But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go."

And the story ends here.

In any relationship, the essence of its trust is not in its bind but in its bond.  So hold that person's hand whom you love the most than expecting them to hold yours.

Isn't it so true?It really is so hard to do but its so true.  Love is not to expect but to give, love is not to let go but to hold on.  Its not about how many years you were into the relation but its about how much love you created in those years?Its not about singing every day that I love you so much but its about standing with your loved ones when they need you the most.  Its not about giving up, leaving your loved ones in between saying that I never promised to be with you for forever so I owe nothing to you, its not about telling them that you have nothing to do with them anymore , its not about saying them coz they asked, cared , that means they were creating problems, tensions for you and they were bothering you.  Love is not to give pain and hurt but to give away every smile of yours even to make your loved ones happy.  Love is not to tell your loved ones that what ever they did, it was only meant to make them happy and they did all coz they were selfish for themselves, love is not to make your loved one realize that his/her entire gesture, his/her entire care, affection, love meant nothing else but a burden, a suffocation for you and an act of selfishness.  It takes a lot to bear the pain of a broken heart but as I said so many times, wounds may heal with time but their signs are never gone.  If you have loved some one or you are in love with some one, make it sure that you respect that person's love, care.  Don't make them feel that in their life that this is the biggest crime that they have done that they fell in love.  It takes a lot to be in love.  Remember , its not a bed full of roses, its a path full of thorns, its not a lake of full of lotus, its an ocean of fire and you have to swim through to pass it.  In love, every thing is not meant to be in the boundary of promises and swears, if that's so than so many things wont happen coz we don't promise each and every thing that we do, do we?Do we make a promise to make our loved one happy and make them smile?If we don't than it means that we owe nothing to them if they are sad?No it doesn't go in this way.  If every thing requires a promise to be made, an agreement to be signed, I seriously doubt that we may not be talking about a relation, we are talking about a deal.  But relations if made, are not made to be in the form of deals coz they are made from heart not from mind.  Hold that person's hand whom you love( or you say that you do) so much coz may be he/she is the only one whom you were waiting up til now.  There are and there will be always thousand and millions others who will come and go but may be , once gone that person may never come back again to you.  Respect your love , give him/her so much love, care, affection and trust.  If you will do so only than you can expect or I must say that you are eligible to expect a fraction of that love, care come back to you.  If you will spread pain, tears, don't expect smiles come in your way.  Think ten times before hurting your loved ones.  Remember, sorry is not the cure of every thing, sorry doesn't alive dead and sorry doesn't mend the broken hearts and souls.


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