Sunday, May 06, 2007

Even After So Long....

I never knew about ICQ 6 years ago until I was asked by someone to make an id over there coz for the chat it was must.  I still remember that I asked my friend Kapil to install it on his machine but he didn't have it.  That time download speeds were just like snails and I waited almost about 8 hours for it to get install and than to make my login over it.  I still remember that day so clearly like it was yesterday.  You must be asking who that person was for whom I did all that?Well I wont be answering this question here or anywhere else too.  I am sorry for it.  Anyways I used ICQ not so much but still I used it whenever I had to chat.  Its among the most popular chat solutions available I guess globally.  Still I found it a little quirky but that is just my opinion.

Well you must be thinking that why I am so interested to put a review of ICQ?Actually no its not for the ICQ and its functions.  Actually its about a little sigh of relief that I had just now.  It was almost 2 years since I had done a login using my ICQ login details and when I was going to try it today, I was almost certain that it wont be there after so long.  But I am so much happy to see that even after so long, my details, my ICQ no is still alive.  That was so good to see.  And I discovered some thing new today for ICQ.I have my own page over there too.  Here is the link:

My ICQ Page

That was a little nice to see that I am still alive for ICQ.Good!Some times, some things are unexpected but when they happen, they bring a short smile on your face.  I guess that's the same happened with me today too.  I am not sure that I shall use ICQ for chatting anymore as I don't chat so often now.  But still its good to see your id available even after so long of inacitivity.Good work ICQ.I am happy!


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