Sunday, May 06, 2007


Yes I am back today.  Well the trip some how was okay.  Though I was at a place where I didn't plan or think that I would go but some how, some way it did turn out to be an okay trip.  I left a smile on the faces of all so I guess I can say that it was an okay trip.

There were some things that happened on this trip which didn't happen before.  One was that I fell sick and those 4 days they were really tough for me to take upon coz of my sickness.  Second in my class , there was a guy with a name and I already knew some one whose name was also the same and  all the time I was remembering out that guy only.  Some how this guy in the class  got involved in so much of the arguments with me.  It was becoming a little over the edge at the time too but it didn't cross its limits ( thank god for that) and everything went well.  I had a chance to go to an other place which have some memories for me.  I liked the place?Well I would say that I reserve my rights for the comments.  Mind it I never said bad ( and I never said good either). And more over I was on that day at that place which is supposed to be a very special day for me.  But with all this , there are also some other memories coupled up with the place.  I some how didn't feel too much nice over there.  My program got over with a good note, for me that's the most important thing.  Rest everything else becomes secondary for me.

When I came back, I was still some what relieved but some thing just made me so much upset.Actualy couple of things made me so much upset.  I am not sure how anyone else would feel but yes I do feel so much bad when I hear blame for some thing which I haven't done.  There were couple of things that I heard which really did make me so much upset.  I am just listening to the song Heeriye at the moment thinking about all these things.  Its time to sleep but I am not sure I do remember where I saw last my sleep, rest and smiles.  Anyways, I shall be here at home for about 5 days and there are couple of things that I need to finish up before leaving that.  But for today nothing as I am not in myself today.  Lets see what will happen tomorrow?Till then adios!!!!


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