Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So much Happy Or....

How one can say that the person sitting next to him/her is truly happy? Will you say that he/she really is coz he/she is constantly smiling and there is no sign of being sad on his/her face?That's all is it?This is a correct criterion to really tell about someone's happiness?It can be true.  Who is smiling so much, there must be so much joy and happiness in his/her heart.  Yes it cant be denied then that person is really happy and enjoying his life.  But is this not possible that the person on whose face,you never see any sign of sadness, outwardly he is presenting himself being so much happy but in real, he is not happy at all?There may be so much of pain that he is keeping in that heart.  You cant judge it from that smile which you always find on the face.  You have to look inside of that person's heart coz smiles on the face doesn't matter but just those does which are truly from the heart.  Just try to go beyond that face and when you will look a little deep in his heart, may be you will find that there is so much pain that he is hiding beneath that smiling face.  Smile comes from the heart but sometimes some  things happen which take away all of them.  What is left is just an empty heart with  ashes of those burnt smiles and joys which were there some time ago.  One relies on tears that with them that may be that pain will flow down from the eyes but this never happens too.  Tears just come but they never heal anything and after some time they stop coming too.  Not because that pain has gone away but because after some time,tears too leave, leaving that burnt heart all alone to suffer in this big and cruel world.
Here are some lines that a guy is saying to his gal who said to him that he smiles so much and seems to be so much happy.  These are in Punjabi.  I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Jehre hasde ne bohtaa,dilon oh bhare hunde ne,
Onhan ishq-e wich fatt bade jarre hunde ne!
Nit mehfilaan sajaunde te sare jag nu hasaunde,
Par kehra jane,oh andron tan harei hunde ne!
Dine khushian lutande, raati dolde ne hanjhu,
Bahron disde jionde par andron marei hunde ne!
Rakanne ful di sugandh ta sare maande,
Kaun jane ohne kinne kande jarre hunde ne!
And the meaning of these lines in English is as follows:
Those who smile so much, they have a crying heart inside them,
And they have got so much bruises and wounds in Love.
They celebrate always,they make people around them smile,
But no one knows that they have nothing with them anymore.
In the day, they spread just smiles everywhere,
But in the night, tears are their only friends who be with them.
They appear alive when someone sees them from outside,
But in real of them , they died so long back.
Gal,everyone enjoys the fragnance of flowers,
But no one bothers that how many thorns have hurt him ever!
I shall conclude by saying this only that if the facial smile is the only criteria to judge someone's smile and happiness than almost all in this world would be happy but sadly its not true.If you really want to know that someone is happy,not just from face but from heart too than look beyond that smile of his, which may just be there to give an illusion to you.  Yes it takes an eye to look that deep of someone's heart and soul but if you really know someone beyond the limits of words and expressions, than it wont be much difficult for you.  Look that deep than only you can find that is that a real smile or just a cover to hide those wounds which are there on the heart?Never make an assumption or say surely to someone that he/she is so much happy just coz he/she is having a smile on his/her face.  Worst pains can be hidden behind most beautiful smiles and you never know, may be those pains too have been given by no one else but you!


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