Monday, August 28, 2006

My Space is now Live....

No sleep didn't make me mad ;-).Actually I am talking about my MSN Space .I made this space about 2 years back.  I didn't do much work on it.  Its not because I didn't like it.  Yes I do,I really do but there are some things which are attached to it so I didn't pay much attention to it.  I know I know its a bad thing   :-(.So just when today I was surfing without any particular need,I stopped at a place which I usually ignored.  Windows has come up with Live Ideas in Windows . I knew about it but never bothered to look into the roots of it.  So today I finally thought to see what this being "Live" is all about?So what I found?Well Windows is using this being Live for almost everything of its web products like HotMail, MSN, MSN Messenger,Spaces.  So I decided to use this Live feature to actually see what it can do?Well I started with Hotmail.Hmm so was it different?The answer is "I dnt know".If you are asking about the display and presentation,than yes.  If you asked about being more slow,taking more bandwidth than definitely yes.  If you asked about anything about a new "cool" feature added than the answer is a bit sour.  Yes you are right,its a NO!Same goes with all the other features.  Yes there are some new functionalities added to the Messenger like File Sharing, Pc to Pc calling and some other small stuffs like that.  See the new MSN Messenger Live  page for the complete list of features and download link.  So doing all this,I have now changed my entire product line to be "Live" :-).If you have saw my MSN Space here than you would find the new Windows Live Space  a bit different.  I have downloaded the new MSN Live Messenger also.  Its looks really "cool".I yet have to play with it so cant talk much about the technical details.  I noticed few which I have already told you just now.  On the whole, I am also Live now :-).Will it be good,worth,beneficial/anything sensible?Well as they said,Your online world gets better when everything works simply and effortlessly together, lets see how much true its going to be?Fingers crossed ;-).


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