Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Once Live,forever Live....

I just became Live 2 days ago.  How was the experience?Well to tell the truth, I really am not sure.  It was more like test-and-see kind of thing.for me as I was already using the Live version  of Hotmail so I thought why not try this same for my messenger and spaces also?I wasn't really happy with the outcome after the switch but what really made me upset yesterday that the extensions of messenger were eating too many resources.  My cpu was running like to make a world record.  So I did what I could thought of at that time.  You are right.  I said bye bye to being Live and went back to being "normal" again with uninstalling everything "Live" with re-installing normal stuff.  In this attempt, I removed Live messenger and installed Messenger 6.2.I was using ver7.5 before this so I thought I would upgrade it afterwards.  I also uninstalled all the extensions that were installed with the Live messenger.  Installation of 6.2 went like breeze.  It gave the message when I set my account on it that I can't use it till the time I wont upgrade it to the new version.No problem we knew it already didn't we?So do you want to upgrade?Without any doubt Yes.  And what's the new version whom I was sent to?LIVE!!Great so this means that I cant install normal messenger anymore :-(.May be I can too but I gave up the attempt as I was so much tired.  I have not installed the extensions this time.Uptill now everything seems fine.  I have also removed the auto startup of messenger with the start of machine.  Moral of the story,once you chose to be live,you are fated with it for the rest of your life.


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