Friday, August 25, 2006

A Feeling expressed in some words....

There are some emotions and feelings which cant be described with anything.  Still some words, when put together, they give those feelings a face, a shape.  Following words are not written by me.  I got them from a friend but I liked the wordings so much so thought I would share it with you all.  Its in Hindi language but I shall explain the meaning in English too.  These are the emotions of a guy who is trying to express his feelings after got a heart break from his beloved.  Just try to feel the pain underneath these words.  Have a read:
Mere pyar se inkar hai tumko,
Lekin jab duur chala jaunga to yaad aunga!
Tere har dukh mein main shareek hona chahta tha,
Akele jab gamon mein ghir jaogi to yaad aunga!
Tere ashq main apni palkon par utha leta tha,
Hath se khud jab inhen pochhongi to yaad aunga!
Apne dukh mujh ko suna kar tum dil ko halka kar leti thi,
Apne gam jab khud ko hi sunaogi to yaad aunga!
Meri badkismati kar diya tune duur mujhko,
Koi naya humsafar jab banaogi to yaad aunga!
Mere pyar ko na tum samajh saki,
Mere dil se tumne khilwad kiya,
Kisi se jab khud thokar khaogi to yaad aunga!
Teri bewafai ka gum lekar hum to dunia chod chale,
Khud apne pyar ki jab chita jalaogi to yaad aunga!
Mere pyar se inkar hai tumko,
Lekin jab dur chala jaunga to yaad aunga!
And the meaning of these lines in English is as follows:
You don't want to accept my love,
But when I shall go far away than you will remember me!
I want to be a part of every pain of yours,
But when you will suffer alone than you will remember me!
I never let a tear even drop from your eyes and wiped all,
Now when you will sit and cry alone than you will remember me!
You always felt light by heart by sharing every pain with me,
Now when you will share it with just yourself only than you will remember me!
Its my bad luck that you have broken my heart,
When you will find someone new than you will remember me!
You never understood my love, you played with my heart,
When someone will do the same to you than you will remember me,
I am leaving this world with pain of your betrayal in your heart,
When you will bury your love yourself than you will remember me!
I shall conclude by saying this only that its so easy to be in a relation and its even more easier to break it.  If there is anything that is hard to do is to be in that relation and maintain its essence.Beaking someone's heart and thinking that it will be fine after some time coz with time every wound heals is not the answer and excuse.  If you have got someone who loves you so much, cares for you more than him/herself than do not think that he/she is a stupid person.  He/she is doing this coz he/she loves you more than anything and anyone else in this world.  Do not let go that person on any cost coz life is not so much generous.  That person who is loving this much today that he/she sees this world from your eyes and you don't realize his/her love,his/her worth and don't respect his/her love,his/her feeling and above all, you don't respect that person,you never know if someday he is not there anymore.  That day there is nothing else that you will be able to do except to think and cry about him/her.  These lines from a movie song explain this in a much better way.  Have a read:
Chahe jo tumhen pure dil se,
Milta hai who mushkil se!
Aisa jo koi kahin hai,
Bas wo hi sab se hasin hai
Us haath ko tum thaam lo,
Wo meherban kal ho naa ho!
And the meaning in English is as follows:
That someone who loves you more than himself,
Its so hard to find a person like that in this world!
If there is someone like this anywhere for you,
He is the most beautiful person in this whole world!
Hold that persons hand and never let him go,
May be tomorrow that person is not there anymore!
How much do you think these lines are true, tell me.  Isn't it true that we never know what we were missing until it arrives and we never know what we have lost until the time we don't lose it?


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