Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Beginning For Jasmit & Sheetal....

I went to the wedding of Jasmit and Sheetal with my sister Gunjan and Gaurav.Jasmit and Sheetal are colleagues of Gunjan and Jasmit is a good friend of me too.  It was a love marriage.  Initially there were a lot of problems that this couple had to face but as its always true than when some one wants some thing really from the heart than nothing is impossible.  Definitely there are many  who leave their loved ones in between leaving them crying and for dieing but there are always some few ones like Jasmit and Sheetal who stood with each other in all the tough times to make it through that they are going to walk on the path of life together.

All the arrangements were done by the staff of Gunjan's office as Jasmit is alone in his family and that too is not here.  His only family, his mother and younger sister, they are in Bombay.  But all the arrangement was very well done and everything went on really well.Gunjan and her friends really did make the whole program a blast with their enthuasism.We came back at about 1am.I was really looking forward to attend Jasmit's wedding as I promised him and there are few ones who really touch me deep inside and knowing Jasmit and about his life, he earned my respect and friendship both.  I wish both Jasmit and Sheetal a very happy and prosperous married life.


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