Sunday, September 08, 2013

Once More, Just Two Lines But Saying A Lot….

I was going to post a song but before that, I just read the following lines and I changed my mind and decided to share them first. Don’t worry, the song is coming as well-very soon. In fact, not one but at least 2 songs are there in my list from a long time that I want to post. Anyways, have a read of the poetry first,

Kitaabon Ki tarah bahot se alfaaz hain mujh mein,
Aur Kitaabon ki tarah hi mein khamosh rehta hoon!

And following is the translation of the same in English,

Alike books, so many words I have within me,
And alike books only, I stay quite!

This is the 2nd one,

Kaash woh laut aata kabhi mujh se yeh kehney,
Tum hote kaun ho mujh se bicharney waale!

Following is its translation in English,

If only he ever had returned to say this to me,
Who are you being separated from with me!

Awesome isn’t it!

It’s time now to come back from the poetry island and get back to the real world-in which I am scheduled to travel for work from today. Time to get ready for it.


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